Bolsonaro provokes Macron and Greta Thunberg about fires in Australia

The president of Brazil, Jair Bolsonaro, invited his French counterpart, Emmanuel Macron, on Thursday to pronounce on the fires in Australia, after the clash that both leaders led by the fires in the Amazon, and offered his help to the oceanic country.

The ultra-right-wing leader also provoked Swedish activist Greta Thunberg in this regard, which he once again described as "brat" during his traditional live broadcast on Thursdays through social networks, the first of the new year.

"Mr. Macron, what are you going to say about Australia? And Greta? That brat girl?" The Brazilian president asked.

Bolsonaro, captain of the Army reserve, wanted to know with irony if his French counterpart had already ruled on the tremendous fires unleashed in Australia and if he had questioned the sovereignty of that nation, as, in his opinion, he did with Brazil last year.

"Now there are fires in Australia, I don't know if Macron said something, did he question Australia's sovereignty? That girl (Greta Thunberg), did she say something too?" Asked the Brazilian head of state, who in the Eve celebrated his first year in power.

The two presidents staged an intense controversy in the middle of last year on the occasion of the fires that spread through the largest tropical forest of the plant, which last August were the worst for that month of the last decade.

That month, Macron accused Bolsonaro in an interview with French public television "France 2" of "supporting dire economic projects for the Amazon rainforest" and warned him that he will not be allowed to "destroy everything."

"We respect his sovereignty, but on the issue of the Amazon we cannot let him destroy everything," he said, and then leave the ratification of the trade agreement between the European Union (EU) and Mercosur (Argentina, Argentina, Paraguay and Uruguay) ).

Macron also said that at some point it would be necessary to discuss the possibility of giving the Amazon an "international status" to prevent its destruction or for a ruler of some Amazonian country to adopt measures contrary to world welfare.

Bolsonaro then demanded that the French president retract these and other statements and interpreted his words as a threat to the sovereignty of Brazil.

"The Amazon did not catch fire, nor is it catching fire, it was a big lie," he insisted Thursday on the broadcast via Facebook.

Minutes later, he resumed the matter and guaranteed that "Brazil is the country that most takes care of the environment" and that "nobody" on the planet "has such a large percentage" of preserved territory.

Bolsonaro also offered his help to Australia to fight the fires that have already killed 17 people across the country and destroyed more than 1,300 homes, 400 of them destroyed during the last days in the southeast region.

"We have little to offer Australia, the Foreign Minister, Ernesto (Araújo), must have come into contact with Australia, and what we have to offer we are making available to fight the fire," he said.


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