July 30, 2021

Bolsonaro prefers a "jail full of bandits" to a "cemetery of innocents"

Bolsonaro prefers a "jail full of bandits" to a "cemetery of innocents"

The far-right Jair Bolsonaro, winner of the first round of the presidential elections in Brazil, said today that he prefers a "jail full of bandits to a cemetery full of innocents", in an interview in which he criticized the activism and returned to be condescending with the last dictatorship.

"We are going to cram the bandit jail, to cram, is it wrong, then it is just not to make bullies, I prefer the jail full of bandits to a cemetery full of innocents," Bolsonaro said in an interview on Tuesday with the radio Jovem Pan .

The ultra-rightist won 46% of the valid votes in the first round of the elections on Sunday and will face next October 28 the progressive Fernando Haddad, who won 29% of the vote.

Bolsonaro, a controversial captain of the reserve, won with advantage despite the demonstrations on the eve of the election by thousands of Brazilians in different cities, mainly women and representatives of minorities, which he questioned again.

"(In the acts) there was a smell of terrible marijuana, the women there with the hairy armpit, they are the activists of the minorities, I am not generalizing," said the far right, adding that if he is elected president "there will be no public money to Feed those kinds of people, they'll have to work. "

In that sense, Bolsonaro affirmed that "it will put an end to that Shia activism", which, in his opinion, lives "in large part with NGO money".

"I think you have to defend your position, but without going to radicalism like they do, that has to end, activism is not beneficial and we have to put an end to it," said the ultra-rightist candidate.

During the interview, the standard bearer of the Liberal Social Party (PSL) also accused some media outlets of making a "huge campaign" against him, and again qualified his rival as a "liar".

Bolsonaro, defender of the liberation of the arms market in Brazil and a nostalgic of the military dictatorship (1964-1985), reiterated that the cases of torture in the authoritarian period were "isolated".

"If there had been as much torture as they say, you would not be here," he said.

He added: "They accuse me because I am a military man, because they lost in 64. If they had won in 64, today we would have a Cuba in Brazil." What dictatorship is that that the military handed over to the opposition the power? Bolsonaro


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