Bolsonaro makes homeland with the UD Las Palmas - La Provincia

Breath for you from Rio de Janeiro. Jair Bolsonaro, who turns one year in office as president of Brazil, does not hide his admiration and faith for Las Palmas. The president of Sao Paulo returns to show his love for the Grancanarian coat of arms and poses with the shirt-gift of the honorary consul of Brazil in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, Joaquín José Bermúdez Bonoso-. In times of difficulty, after getting off the Cup against Badajoz, the UD needs a presidential push. Waiting for the riddle Viera -The Beijing midfielder is the president's great claim Miguel Angel Ramirez In this winter market-, Bolsonaro climbs the wave of optimists. There are 20 days left until the end of LaLiga SmartBank. 60 points and the dream of the ascent on the horizon. The sixth block of Mel receives tomorrow in Gran Canaria to Zaragoza, third. Only three points separate these historical computing 92 campaigns in First. 6,378 kilometers from the stadium Seven palmsBolsonaro makes strength from the nation of samba. A president to the rescue of the UD.


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