Bolsonaro defends democracy a day after being in a pro-dictatorship act

Brazilian President Jair Bolsonarto defended democracy on Monday, opposing an eventual closure of the Supreme Court and Congress, a day after participating in a demonstration for military intervention.

"There is nothing to close here, this is democracy and respect for the Brazilian Constitution and I ask that no one talk about it (a closure of the institutions) here in my house," Bolsonaro told supporters and the press upon leaving the Palace. da Alvorada, the official residence of the president.

For the far-right leader, "you have to have an open and transparent Supreme (court) and Congress and we are not going to accept low provocations. I respect Congress and the Supreme."

"I did not speak anything against the Supreme Court and against Congress, I only spoke about going back to work and you can listen to my speech, anything outside of that context is wanting to burn down a nation," added the president.

On Sunday, on the occasion of Brazilian Army Day, Bolsonaro supporters mobilized in caravans and rallies in various capitals, calling for military intervention, positioning themselves against Congress and the Supreme Court and defending the end of quarantines, as promulgated by the ruler.

Brazil was under a military dictatorship between 1964 and 1985 that left at least 434 dead and missing, according to the 2014 Truth Commission, which produced a vast 4,500-page document that lists the crimes of the regime.


At the end of the caravan in Brasilia, which ended in front of the Army Headquarters, Bolsonaro went to the demonstration on a van and, although he avoided a physical approach, he did not wear a mask or gloves, nor did he avoid the crowding. On several occasions the President coughed near his entourage.

This Monday, the president again criticized regional measures to contain the advance of the coronavirus pandemic, which according to the latest official bulletin of the Ministry of Health, released on Sunday, accounts for 2,462 deaths and 38,654 cases.

"Those restrictive measures in some states, and I am not criticizing all the governors, were excessive and did not reach their goal. 70% of the population is going to be infected and it does not resolve to want to flee from it. They are afraid of the truth" Bolsonaro noted.

Last week, the president relegated the popular Luiz Henrique Mandetta to the command of the Ministry of Health due to discrepancies due to the intensity of the isolation measures.

According to Bolsonaro, "there was a potentialization of the consequences of the virus. They brought fear to the public, hysteria, and that is not true. We regret the consequences, but life is like that and people are going to die."

"I hope it is the last week of fighting the virus with that quarantine and I am not going to fine anyone who is on the street as a minister suggested. Whoever is on the street is behind jobs and takeaways for the family. It is increasing violence inside the house, "he said.

In his repeated defense of job preservation, which in his opinion is a matter that must be dealt with "simultaneously" with the virus, Bolsonaro pointed out: "Each percentage point of decrease in Brazil or each percentage point of more unemployment has violence as consequences , chaos, deaths, hunger, it is a disgrace ".


In his crusade against the media, Bolsonaro stated that the press "agreed" to attack him and gave as an example that the two main newspapers in Sao Paulo titled the same: "We do not want to negotiate, Bolsonaro", but, in his opinion, " don't put the after comma, like I want the backspace. "


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