Wed. Jan 29th, 2020

Bolsonaro announces the suspension of a contest for transgenders in a university

The Ministry of Education of Brazil (MEC) intervened before a federal university in the country to suspend a process of selectivity that reserved 120 vacancies for transgender and intersex people, said Tuesday the Brazilian president, the far-right Jair Bolsonaro.

The president announced in his social networks that the University of International Integration of Afro-Brazilian Lusophony (Unilab) suspended the call "immediately" after an "intervention" of the Education portfolio.

Unilab "launched a selectivity for TRANSEXUAL candidates, TRAVESTIS, INTERSEXUALS and non-BINARY persons", the president wrote in capital letters, adding that, after the "MEC interference", the rectory "has positioned itself for the immediate suspension of the convocation and its subsequent cancellation. "

In a note, the Ministry of Education said it has questioned "the legality of the selective process" in Unilab through the Attorney General's Office because the Brazilian Affirmative Action Act – which seeks to expand the inclusion of minority groups in universities public- does not "provide specific places for the target audience of the aforementioned event".

"The university did not present an opinion with legal basis for the development of an affirmative quota policy, according to the edict issued last week," the ministry said.

In the call, the federal institution, created in 2010, explains that the edict was launched to replace 120 vacancies in various careers that occurred due to the abandonment of students who had been previously selected for these positions.

The selective process would be composed of two stages: the evaluation of a memorial with stories of the life stories and expectations of each candidate and the composition of a writing.

In the paper, the theme could range from the "representativeness of transgender and intersex people in social networks" to "the challenges of the contemporary family", through the policies of social inclusion in the labor market, practices to combat school bullying and "identity and social empowerment".

According to the Brazilian Constitution, federal universities have "didactic-scientific, administrative and financial management and patrimonial" autonomy, that is, they are free to make independent decisions and do not depend on the support of the president or any other public body.

According to a study published last May by the National Association of the Leaders of the Federal Institutions of Higher Education (Andifes), only 0.2% of Brazilian university students are transgender.

Since he assumed the Presidency of Brazil on January 1, Bolsonaro, a controversial captain of the reserve Army because of his statements considered homophobic, racist and sexist, launched a crusade against public universities and the country's education system, which considers an embryo of the ideology of the left.

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