July 30, 2021

Bolivia's new attorney general promises "resolute" anti-corruption fight

Bolivia's new attorney general promises "resolute" anti-corruption fight

The new attorney general of the Bolivian state, lawyer Juan Lanchipa, promised today a "determined struggle" against corruption and delays in the judicial system, after Parliament elected him to the post.

"The fight is going to be decided against corruption, zero tolerance for corruption, there are two issues that urgently need to be addressed in the Public Prosecutor's Office, the corruption and the retardation issue, and we are going to give all our efforts so that we can resolve those issues" said Lanchipa at a press conference in La Paz.

The jurist was elected as the new attorney general of the State in a session of the Legislative Assembly that began on Tuesday and concluded this dawn.

Lanchipa, who currently serves as president of the Departmental Court of Justice of La Paz, obtained 116 of the 152 votes cast in parliament, the Bolivian Vice President said in a statement.

The process of selection of the new attorney general began last July, with the presentation of 53 candidates, of which 26 met the requirements and approved the qualification of experience and training, in addition to written and oral tests, recalled the Vice President.

With 27 years of professional experience, Lanchipa served as judge between 1997 and 2007; He was a member of the Departamental Court of Justice of La Paz between 2007 and 2010; magistrate of the Constitutional Court and also directed the Direction of Maritime Demand (Diremar).

The ruling party defended the selection process of the new high official against the criticism of the opposition, which has linked Lanchipa with the ruling party.

The lawyer argued that one of the requirements to apply for office was "not having any militancy" and assured that "he has always" shown "transparency" in the performance of his profession.

Likewise, he affirmed that he arrives at the Prosecutor's Office to give justice to the people and indicated that he will resume "the principle of objectivity, which is the cardinal principle in the Public Ministry."

"We do not want more bureaucracy, we do not want to stop and then investigate, first we must investigate, we must generate trust and respect in the Public Ministry, generate that legal security for all people," he said.

One of his first actions will be to evaluate the results of the previous administration, in charge of Ramiro Guerrero, and also the performance of the Public Ministry officials.

He also anticipated that the nine departmental prosecutors will be changed and will be invited to people who fit a new management model that has been proposed.

Bolivian prosecutors were in the eye of the storm in recent weeks for his role in a controversial case of the alleged rape of a baby, for which a doctor was imprisoned for almost four years until last Wednesday was released from prison but still They weigh charges against him.

That case took a turn after an audio attributed to a judge admitted that the doctor is innocent, generating in the country a notable social unrest for the functioning of Justice.


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