Bolivian government accuses Morales party of intensifying protests

The interim government of Bolivia denounced this Friday a political interest of the Movement to Socialism (MAS) of Evo Morales to intensify protests in the country against the coronavirus quarantine and at the same time press for elections.

During a press conference, the interim government minister (Interior), Arturo Murillo, pointed to groups of "political criminals" supposedly linked to MAS to manipulate "the poorest and poorest people" and "put alcohol on them" or intoxicate them.

This past Thursday night a pan was held calling for elections in the shortest possible time and criticizing the government's management of the interim president, Jeanine Añez, in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Protests were also reported in the town of Yapacaní, within the Morales political stronghold in the center of the country, and in the Senkata area in the city of El Alto, where during the political crisis last year there were a dozen deaths during an intervention. of the Army and Police.

"In Yapacaní (the protesters) have stolen vehicles, they have stolen motorcycles. We have identified the criminals, they are going to be arrested," Murillo said.

The acting minister also explained that in this protest they have "assaulted a police station", while in El Alto public buses were stoned carrying a medical person, in what he considered a flagrant "criminal act".

Murillo attributed Evo Morales, MAS, and his presidential candidate and former economy minister, Luis Arce, to being "undermining" the interim government.

On Sunday morning, the Army and Police intervened in the Senkata area in El Alto, the second most populous city in the country and neighboring La Paz, and arrested several people accused of being part of the protests.

The Bolivian Ombudsman "emphatically" rejected the acts of violence and the "intimidation" of medical personnel in El Alto.

However, this entity for the protection of citizens' rights warned that these events "do not enable the State to declare social protests or demonstrations as violent."

The protests coincided with the promulgation last night of a law that sets ninety days to hold elections, approved with the MAS parliamentary majority against the will of the interim government.


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