Bolivian artists protest against violence and abuse in the cultural sphere

La Paz, Mar 8 (EFE) .- Music, singing and dances were part of the four-hour sit-in starring Bolivian artists from different areas who took a space in a central La Paz promenade to raise their voices against sexist violence in the arts and culture.

Singers, dancers, cultural managers, actresses and women of letters, among others, came to the Paseo de El Prado, in the center of La Paz, with painted faces and their art to demand “enough of male violence in the arts!”

They also carried banners with macho phrases heard in the cultural sphere, such as “Sure she is an actress because the production companies are ugly”, “why don’t you want to be naked for my scene? I thought you were a serious actress”, “is that the girls are weak, I don’t think you can break dance “, or” wow you play like a man “.

The group interspersed performances, singing and dancing with the reading of anonymous testimonies from artists who reported having suffered sexual and workplace abuse or harassment at some point.

They are “horrifying stories that women have passed in their training centers, in the workplace, with their own colleagues and we have always been ignored and made invisible throughout history in our arts because women’s voices have not been valued, “singer and activist Pamela Sotelo told Efe.

The testimonies range from sexual abuse, labor exploitation, a payment lower than that of their male colleagues, the withdrawal of credits from a work or even relegating women capable of important definition spaces.

“The first step is to make visible that sexist violence to which we are exposed,” said Sotelo, adding that the idea of ​​the sit-in is to show that the artists are not “exempt from suffering violence.”

The singer remarked that the battle of women is “a lifetime”, not a single day, but that this date is important to “sensitize people, so they know that this is not a day of celebrations, or of flowers or congratulations, it is a day of commemoration of a constant struggle “.

Bolivia commemorates March 8 with various marches of women, some organized by the State and others independent, in a situation marked by the 24 femicides registered so far this year and the findings of the remains of four women buried in a rural area that they were reported missing.

Also for the uncovering of a case of sexual abuse at university parties organized by a group of men who doped their victims, which has generated outrage.


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