May 13, 2021

Bolivia equates to the region prohibiting smoking even in natural areas

Since Thursday, Bolivia has a law on tobacco consumption that equates the country to the whole of South America, with the prohibition of smoking even in natural areas to preserve the environment.

The law prohibits smoking a hundred meters from protected natural areas and rivers and lakes, warning that smoking damages the environment as well as health, as noted during its enactment in La Paz.

The president of the Bolivian Legislative Assembly or Parliament, Eva Copa, was in charge of enacting the Prevention and Control of Tobacco Products Law, in an act before representatives of entities such as the Bolivian Society of Cardiology.

“This law worked with different professionals, doctors, cardiologists, with foundations, all with the aim of preventing tobacco consumption and heart problems so that families feel safe in places where they could find people who smoke,” he said. Cup during the act.

The regulation prohibits smoking in public places and places of recreation, among others, after a work since 2016 to establish a regulatory framework on tobacco consumption and exposure to reduce its effects on the health of the population.

25 percent of the adult population consumes tobacco in Bolivia, the only country that remained in South America without a rule with the rank of law in this area, as it became clear during its processing.

The age of onset of tobacco use begins at age 13 in the country, where smoking causes twelve daily deaths, about 4,400 a year, with an estimated cost to the health system of at least $ 249 million annually, about 12 percent of health expenditure, according to official data.

The norm prohibits smoking in workplaces, means of collective transport, health centers, schools, shops, restaurants, discos, cinemas and theaters, as well as open spaces where there are sporting events.

It also restricts the sale of tobacco to people under 18 and the sale of loose cigarettes, while providing for government programs to quit smoking.


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