Mon. Apr 6th, 2020

Bolivia defends its bioceanic train project against the option of Chile

Bolivia defends its bioceanic train project against the option of Chile

The Government of Bolivia today defended its bioceanic train project as the most advanced in the Southern Cone, compared to the option that Chile could propose with the new Government in Brazil.

Ariel Torrico, responsible for Railways in the Bolivian Executive, referred to some statements in which the president of Chile, Sebastián Piñera, predicts an early agreement with Brazil on the train that would unite the Atlantic with the Pacific, following the victory of Jair Bolsonaro in the Brazilian elections.

At a press conference, Torrico described these words as a reaction of Chile to the Bolivian project, which plans to unite the ports of Santos in Brazil and Ilo in Peru through Bolivian territory.

The head of Railways in the Ministry of Public Works of Bolivia argued that the Bolivian project takes years of work and is backed by agreements with several countries, including Brazil.

The project, he added, "transcends political ideologies" of the governments that participate in it.

He also pointed out that while Chile can initiate "diplomatic efforts" with Brazil in this matter, it would still have to advance them with other countries, such as Argentina and Paraguay, while Bolivia has already made them with Brazil, Peru, Paraguay, Uruguay and interested European countries. .

"This project is the most feasible and advanced," said Ariel Torrico, who was confident that "will continue."

The official appeared accompanied by heads of a consortium between Switzerland and Germany that collaborates with Bolivia in the project, in which other countries such as Spain, the United Kingdom and Russia have already shown interest.

The consortium's spokesperson, Michele Molinari, agreed that "it is the most feasible" and that the Bolivian proposal "is the most advanced".

Piñera congratulated Bolsonaro on Sunday for his victory in the second round of elections in Brazil, in a demonstration in which he said that "in four months" he will reach agreements with the new Brazilian Executive on issues such as "the bioceanic corridor".

The corridor projected by Bolivia along 3,755 kilometers requires an estimated investment of about 14,000 million dollars, of which about 221 million are underway in Bolivian territory for a stretch of about 150 kilometers.


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