June 5, 2020

Bolivia claims to have a solid position in dispute with Chile over Silala

The Bolivian government said Monday that it has a "solid position in the dispute with Chile in the International Court of Justice in The Hague over the waters of Silala, with a defense that is carried" with the utmost rigor. "

The Bolivian Foreign Ministry said in a statement that "the most complete field scientific studies in the area have been carried out", which, "together with the historical background collected and the legal argumentation prepared, form a solid position of the country's interests" .

He also said that the Bolivian State "conducts the defense of the Silala case with the utmost rigor and responsibility."

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Bolivia released the statement regarding the presentation by Chile of its response to the Bolivian rejoinder in this case at the headquarters of the Hague Court in the Netherlands.

"Upon receipt of the additional written response submitted by Chile, it will be subject to evaluation by the authorities and the technical-legal team," said the Bolivian Foreign Ministry.

The contents of this document and of the "rest of those acted in this process are under regulatory reserve" until the oral hearings are held, the date of which the United Nations High Court must announce, the Bolivian ministry added.

Chile sued Bolivia in 2016 to prevent it from preventing the flow of water into its territory, arguing that Silala is an international river between the two countries.

Bolivia replied in 2018 with three counterclaims considering that the waters were originally springs born in its territory, but were channeled to the border by a Chilean railway company in the 1920s.

Silala is born in Bolivia and crosses the border until it flows into another channel in Chile, but its use and status have eroded relations between the two in the last twenty years.

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