Bolivia announces a reinforcement of the external vote for the 2019 elections

Bolivia announces a reinforcement of the external vote for the 2019 elections

The Government of Bolivia announced today a strengthening of the registration of its nationals abroad to facilitate the vote in elections such as those scheduled for next October in the country, especially in Argentina, Brazil, Chile and Spain, where more Bolivians live in abroad.

The Bolivian Foreign Minister, Diego Pary, and the president of the Supreme Electoral Tribunal of the country, María Eugenia Choque, signed an addendum to the agreement on the permanent registration of Bolivians abroad.

The objective is to "strengthen the enrollment of Bolivians abroad, the permanent registration so that they can participate in the different electoral processes," Pary said, according to the Bolivian Foreign Ministry.

For its part, the president of the electoral tribunal said that 21 officials will be hired for this task, which has priority in the countries with the largest number of Bolivians.

In particular, the registration for this biometric registry has priority in Argentina in Buenos Aires, La Matanza, Mendoza and Jujuy; in Brazil in Sao Paulo; in Chile in Antofagasta and Iquique; and in Spain in Barcelona, ​​Madrid and Bilbao, the president explained, according to the Foreign Ministry.

The general elections of October 2019 in Bolivia are in the process of primaries, which are scheduled next January for the militants of each party to endorse their candidates, including President Evo Morales, who is running for re-election.


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