Sat. Apr 20th, 2019

Bogotá Fashion Week hopes to turn the city into a world business capital

Bogotá Fashion Week hopes to turn the city into a world business capital

The third edition of Bogota Fashion Week (BFW) began on Tuesday with a business conference in which at least 48 brands and 30 buyers participated to make the city a "fashion business capital of international stature."

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"The BFW is a space very different from other fashion spaces in the country because, for us, more important than the catwalks are the businesses that the designers manage to make," the vice president of competitiveness and shared value of the Chamber of Commerce told Efe. Commerce of Bogotá (CCB), Marco Llinás.

This bet of the CCB intends, during the three days of fashion, catwalks and businesses, to exceed 600,000 dollars in commercial deals that allow designers and their brands to grow and open new national and international markets.

Among the buyers are specialized firms in design niche such as stores, boutiques, multi-brand and digital platforms, including El Palacio de Hierro in Mexico and Saks Fifth Avenue in the United States.

Irene Yosifove, who works at the American boutique Antidote, what struck her most was that "the workforce is from Bogota and the designs are very unique, with an identity of their own".

"Our concept is of sustainable fashion, so we look for this within the production and also the materials used by brands, everything that fits within that category is what we are seeing here, and we have seen two or three brands that seem to us that can be good for our market, "he added.

The fashion platform is formed this year by 70% by emerging designers and 30% by consolidated industry entrepreneurs to build a career and a history that shapes the image of Colombian design internationally.

Prior to BFW, the European Design Institute (IED) worked together with the designers to curate their brands in preparation for the business conference.

"We have taken appointments with various regions of the country and also abroad, we are trying to open new markets and expand our brand as such, we are currently in the business circle with 12 new countries that has allowed us to increase export levels", The executive director of emerging jewelry brand Edén, Andrés Hurtado, told Efe.

The brands selected for this edition are made up of at least 23 garments such as Adriana Santacruz, Isabel Henao and Carolina Stefan.

In jewelery and jewelry there are 13 brands, among which Alejandra Valdivieso, Álvaro Ávila and Fernanda Arias, and 12 of leather goods such as Ana Laverde, Bahareque and Strada, among others.

Within the framework of the official opening of the event, the inaugural runway will be in charge of the Colombian Silvia Tcherassi, who will exhibit her collection "Poeticus" autumn-winter, with which she will accompany the BFW for the first time.


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