May 15, 2021

Boeing will make 2,500 agreed casualties in the first phase of the cut of its workforce

Boeing plans to announce 2,500 voluntary casualties this week in what will be the first phase of its plan to cut 10% of its workforce in response to the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus crisis, according to The Wall Street Journal (Wednesday). WSJ).

As a whole, the plan released in April contemplates the reduction of some 16,000 jobs, for which voluntary exits will be used, but also dismissals if necessary.

In this first stage, the casualties will be concentrated in plants in the Seattle area (United States) and, specifically, in the commercial aviation operations of the aeronautical giant, according to the WSJ, which quotes union sources.

That cut of some 2,500 jobs will be Boeing’s first major downsizing since 2017, when it cut some 1,500 jobs in a plan to cut expenses.

According to the newspaper, some 1,300 members of Boeing’s main engineering union have requested the incentive exit offered by the company and their requests have been accepted, while another of the unions reported that about 1,2000 members had agreed to leave the company on a voluntary basis.

In addition, several companies supplying parts to Boeing factories in the Seattle area have recently released staffing cuts.

Boeing announced in April that it will cut production for several of its commercial aviation models, including the rugged 737 MAX, after reporting losses of $ 628 million in the first quarter of 2020 due to the impact of COVID-19.

The American company was already going through a major crisis as a result of the two fatal accidents suffered by 737 MAX aircraft, one in October 2018 in Indonesia and the other in March 2019 in Ethiopia, in which 346 people died in total.


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