Boeing does not expect the 737 MAX to fly again until mid-2020

Boeing reported Tuesday that it does not expect authorities to approve the return of 737 MAX aircraft before mid-2020, a new delay that brought down its actions on Wall Street.

The company, in a statement, said that this is the expectation that it is moving right now to airlines and suppliers, confirming information published shortly before by the CNBC financial channel.

In the note, the aeronautical giant stressed that it will be regulators who determine when they can re-operate the 737 MAX, which remain on the ground following two air accidents in 2018 and 2019.

Boeing's expectation is that the model can start operating in the middle of the year taking into account the pace of the certification process by the authorities, although it warns that issues that complicate the procedure may still arise.

Shares of the company on the New York Stock Exchange quickly fell 5% after knowing the information published by CNBC and before its price was temporarily halted pending the official announcement.

The American airlines that have 737 MAX in their fleet had already been gradually announcing that they did not have those devices in their programming at least until the beginning of June.

The announcement made by Boeing also pushed back the titles of those companies, including Southwest, American Airlines and United.

"Returning the MAX safely to service is our number one priority and we are sure it will happen. We recognize and regret the continuing difficulties that the grounding of the 737 MAX has presented to our customers, regulators, suppliers and passengers," he said. the aeronautical company in its statement.

Boeing officially suspended production of the model this month, after almost a year of veto over the security problems identified after the two fatal accidents, in Indonesia and Ethiopia, in which a total of 346 people died.


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