Bodegas Hispano + Suizas, the corner of high-end wine in the Valencian Community

Bodegas Hispano + Suizas, the corner of high-end wine in the Valencian Community

Requena, in the interior of the province of Valencia, is a land of enormous vineyards, of millenary vines that rise up in the sun, from the hands of experienced grape pickers who know how to predict the taste of a wine just by seeing the color of the newly picked grape. That is the land where, in the years 1999 and 2000, three young wine and wine lovers began to plant what is now a prestigious winery that is reaching the peak of the best wines in the world, Hispano + Suizas.

The Spanish and Swiss origin of the three creators of the company gives explanation to its nomenclature. Marc, Pablo and Rafa, three soulmates, as they define themselves, set in motion the dream of their lives. Have your own cellar.

Pinot noir and bobal, a foreign and a national variety, were the first two grapes with which they decided to launch, experiment, try and create their first wines. It was not until 2006 when the company was launched, with a beautiful winery that serves as the ideal place to enjoy a good weekend.

On the ground floor it has a large dining room, while booking the upper part for five luxury rooms. The stay in the place is accompanied by a weekend of tasting the wines of the winery itself and visit the facilities of the same to check the production process.

The result of these years of work is being more than satisfactory, although we must continue to climb positions. «The most difficult has been the positioning of the brand, where we have invested the most. It was very difficult to leave Requena, a reviled area, change the rules of the game and provide wines in the high-end sector. "

Hispano + Suizas has at this moment four cavas in the market, a white wine (Impromtu), a sweet pink (Impromtu Rosé) and four reds (Bassus, Bassus Finca Casilla Herrera, Bobos, Casa la Borracha farm, and Quod Superius, the "top" of the reds). His already famous pink cava, Tantum Ergo Pinot Noir, has already achieved almost all possible recognitions; the last this same month of January, the prize to the Best Sparkling of Spain for the Spanish Association of Wine Journalists.

Its distribution points are the Gourmet Club of El Corte Inglés, specialized stores and hotels. At present, its sales are distributed with 75% in the national territory and 25% abroad, especially in America (Puerto Rico and Mexico), central Europe and the Nordic countries. In Spain, the Valencian Community stands out as the best buyer and the firm is a leader in brand positioning, but the communities of Madrid, Catalonia and the Basque Country also occupy important positions.

The objective of Hispano + Suizas, according to Pablo Ossorio, one of the three founders of the winery, is to sell 40% abroad, "but until now we have not been able to export more because Spain demands a lot of wine". Last year's turnover increased by 10%, and in 2017 it had already increased by 16%.

Regarding the controversy over the limitation to the planting of new hectares of vineyards for cava, Ossorio has it clear: he agrees with the measure and considers that the Valencian Community "has a sufficient amount of vineyard". "We have to limit the vineyards, we can not let it continue to be planted, it's a problem of excess planting," the winemaker said.

The winery

The Bodega Hispano + Suizas was built in 1905 and restored in 2009. Vineyards, grapes, wines, cavas and, in addition, one of the best kept secrets of Hispano + Suizas: a beautiful hotel composed of a total of five rooms in the to experience the wine completely.

The wide library, the central hall, the tasting room … and all with views of the beautiful vineyards, enjoying a pleasant moment of reading and tasting an excellent wine.


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