May 18, 2021

Boca submerges in the calm of Madrid | sports

Boca submerges in the calm of Madrid | sports

The sliding doors of the old Terminal 1 of the Barajas airport opened and about six o'clock in the afternoon two Colombians wearing black caps came out in blue uniforms. The elastic Sebastian Villa, extreme fighter where they are, and the tireless Wilmar Barrios, able to steal 20 balls per game and give half to the rival, were the first Boca players to step on the street. They were pulling two Louis Vuitton trolleys. They were followed by a silent procession of colleagues who, rather than stars of South American football, gave the impression of composing the excursion of an Episcopal school. It was a cold and clear afternoon in Madrid. They were hardly greeted by a small group of about 20 fans who looked like tourists were diverted from the course. They sang with effort a series of chants whose refrain used to repeat the word "egg".

The flight that moved them from Buenos Aires left behind the memory of the multitudinous farewell, the rumble of the horns, the jam in the torrid summer night of the subtropical Buenos Aires, and the majestic white head of Rafael Di Zeo, opening a gap between the crowd like the spur that breaks the waves so that the bus that took the team to the Ezeiza airport it opened up. No visible sign of the Argentine police, the head of La Doce, the most numerous bar in the country and criminal group of long trajectory, he directed the operation out of the delegation of Boca with no instrument other than his shoes.

When passing on the asphalt under the watchful eye of Fernando Gago and Pablo Pérez, the captains of the team, who followed him smiling, Di Zeo maneuvered as if he was the leader of the most popular team in the country and the one that has the best relations with the Government of the Nation. The president, Mauricio Macri, founded his political career presiding over Boca Juniors between 1996 and 2007. Di Zeo was already in the Twelve then and is still in charge now. Incarcerated in Criminal Justice for instigating two homicides, this week he asked permission to a judge to leave Argentina It is supposed to witness the return of the final of the Copa Libertadores scheduled against River, this Sunday at the Bernabéu.

Prohibited bombs

Almost anonymous, the soccer players got on a white bus and disappeared in the traffic of Madrid's ring roads towards the hotel of concentration in the neighborhood of Mirasierra, in the north of the capital, under the surveillance of a convoy of the National Police composed of three vans.

Next to the hotel door, another languid group of fans was waiting for a chorus: "I am going to encourage you like every year. xebeize …! " The majority said they reside in Spain and have tickets to attend the final on Sunday. Only two acknowledged having traveled from Argentina after acquiring tickets from the 10,000 bag that Conmebol put up for sale to partners of River and Boca residents in South America. The cost of the trip is so high that the tickets in question do not just run out. If a neighbor from Madrid feared for the invasion of a horde of furious barrabrava, the representatives of the Boca bias in Mirasierra serve as a relief.

Respectful of the authority and the football players, to whom they greeted timidly, they were only frustrated for musical reasons. When one of them made a gesture to play a drum the Spanish police prevented him. Strings were strictly forbidden because of percussion instruments.

Doctors recommend a quiet sleep to overcome the jet-lag and the staff plans to make an effort to adjust immediately to Central European time, four hours ahead of Buenos Aries. This Thursday they will get up early to begin training in the sports city of the federation, in Las Rozas, located 25 kilometers to the north.

Messi, guest of honor
in the Bernabéu

Lionel Messi has confirmed his attendance at the Bernabéu box, this Sunday, as guest of honor of the Conmebol, the South American Football Confederation. The Argentine midfielder of Barça, who plays in the league on Saturday night in Cornellá, does not want to miss the opportunity to attend in person what will be his first great Argentine soccer classic as a spectator. This is confirmed by federal sources, which indicate that Cristiano Ronaldo also had the intention of moving from Italy and go to the Bernabéu to watch the game. The Portuguese player requested tickets to Madrid but has not yet been able to confirm if he will use them.

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