Boba Fett's Redemption

It's official. To be one of the bad guys in the saga starwarsBoba Fett has joined the good guys in the new television series for the platform Disney. The dark side seems to have been left in the past in the television revival of his character. boba fett book He has just finished his season with an ending that has left the most skeptical satisfied and wanting more. It's not like he was one of my favorite characters in the saga either and I couldn't quite find the grace in a series in which Boba was the protagonist. But the series has gone from less to more week after week, to leave in style.

Although Boba already pointed out ways for his path to redemption in the second season of The Mandalorianthe post-credits scene of the last episode showed him occupying the armchair of Jabba the Hutt and willing to inherit his criminal empire. But we must not forget that perhaps his career as a bad guy was a bit overrated and therefore it has been easy to get him out of the bad way. It is true that he left us all with our hearts in a fist when he took the body of Han Solo (Harrison Ford) frozen in carbonite at the end of The Empire Strikes Back, but then he died the most ridiculous of his deaths when he fell into the bowels of the sarlacc, where he would know a new definition of pain and suffering that should last a thousand years digestion. In the end, the time that Boba Fett has spent in the guts of the bug has not been a millennium. Although the Mandalorian followers already knew that he was escaping from there, we did not know how he managed to do it. Something that the new Disney series tells us and where the path to redemption of the once ruthless bounty hunter is also explored. I find it a bit ironic or contradictory that she has discovered her most sensitive side by spending time in the desert with the sand dwellers (I'm reluctant to call them Tusken). But weren't these bad guys too?

With The Boba Fett Book, Star Wars returns to the realm of western and throughout the season, but especially in the last episode, there are sequences inspired by classic titles of the genre. The final battle has echoes of the duel at the OK Corral or The Golden from Howard Hawks and even of The seven magnificents. Although that final villain rescued from the animated series could well be the gunslinger who Henry Fonda will immortalize in Until his time came (Serge Leone). Do not forget that Jeremy Bullockthe actor who donned the character's helmet in the original trilogy, was inspired when playing him by that lonely cowboy we saw with the face of Clint Eastwood on the big screen.

The legend behind Boba Fett owes much to Bullock's work, though since the prequels he has been Temuera Morrison the actor who has inherited his armor. In reality, Morrison played Jango Fett in the movies, Boba's father and whose genetic code was used to clone the Empire's stormtroopers. He now takes up the character in a series in which, in theory, he should be the absolute protagonist. An illusion that is diluted as soon as the Mandalorian reappears Peter Pascal and Baby Yoda, to remind us that what we are seeing is a spin off of the other series and that these episodes are an appetizer for the third season.

But let no one frighten us with this reference to the western. The series is full of nods to the film saga and some of its most remembered moments. Much of the season is a tribute to the sequence with which it started return of the jedi and Han Solo's rescue from Jabba's Palace. We don't want to give spoilers but I'll just say that there's a rancor in the keep dungeons again. trained by Danny Trejo. Even in the fifth episode we find another nod to all those who enjoyed the pod race of Tatooine in the phantom menace. But of course there is no greater tribute than bringing back one of the most emblematic characters of the original trilogy, whose surprise return rejuvenated thanks to technology we already had at the end of The Mandalorian.

The appearance of Luke Skywalker (Mark Hamill) in these T.V. series It comes to be like the seal that what we are seeing has the official seal of Star Wars. I wonder what would have happened if Luke and Boba had met, since they were once enemies. Although the haters of the film the last jedi they keep thinking about how different it would have been in the hands of another director. I personally think that the film of Ryan Johnson It wasn't the worst of the Disney sequels, but it was with the last movie (the rise of skywalker) where we found that there was no planned story to tell in the last trilogy. Each director was improvising on the fly and even despising the work that his predecessors had done. It seems that the mistakes are not going to be repeated in the expansion of the galactic franchise that Disney is developing for its platform. Jon Favreau Y Dave Filloni They stand as the new architects of the saga for the small screen. The next appointment in the calendar we have the 25 of May with the series premiere of Obi Wan Kenobi where Ewan McGregor Y Hayden Christensen They will once again put themselves in the shoes of the characters they played in the prequels. It looks like The Force will be with us for quite some time.

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