August 11, 2020

Board games, the gift to keep children away from the screens this Christmas

According to the study by the demographic company Sondea, which aims to promote the responsible use of electronic devices and prevent their negative effects on health, Spaniards spend an average of eleven hours a day in front of a screen. In addition, children under 18 spend three hours a day to be in front of a digital device. According to the mentioned study, 46% watch screens while eating or having dinner with friends and 43% when talking with other people.

Therefore, board and card games are ideal to get away from the screens this Christmas on desktops that lengthen the heat of fire or heating. A perfect occasion to create unforgettable memories among family members of all ages. A) Yes, Giving away board games enhances family interaction and timeshare away from devices. Further, Board games are beneficial for children's development as they enhance their cognitive, intellectual, emotional and social abilities., activating your creativity to solve

problems through cognitive resources that do not always keep active.

Therefore, among the range of board games for all ages, children will find it very entertaining. Harry Potter double, the incarnation of the famous board game that all Potterheads were waiting for, with their favorite characters Hermione Granger, Ron Weasley and the entire Hogwarts universe. The most magical card game with iconic illustrations to test visual acuity and reflexes!

In Dixit A picture is worth a thousand words. It is an innovative creative conjecture game that offers delicious and stimulating entertainment to be tested. Another great option to give and enjoy these holidays is the Jungle speed: simple, fast, fun to train speed and reflexes.

Time´s Up It is an ideal gift for the youngest members of the family. It's about guessing by teams a historical or fictional character. Who will give the best clues? But also, can there be something more fun than gathering cats and explosions in the same game? Exploding Kittens It's fast and fun: ensure survival against the fearsome explosive cats! A card game in which up to five players do their best to annoy rivals until they get eliminated.

For its part, Cortex Challenge It brings together the visual agility of family and friends, coordination, memory, ability to reason and touch. Ideal to stimulate cognitive skills with eight different challenges. InTrain Adventurers! Players accumulate cards of certain types of wagons that allow them to connect different cities across the map. It is perfect to encourage imagination and spatial vision.

With the Werewolves of Castronegro it is discovered that there are terrible monsters living among human beings. The game moderator oversees the confrontation between the hungry werewolves and the villagers who want to eliminate them.

For its part, Story Cubes It is perfect to let the imagination fly. It is a powerful machine to create pocket-sized stories that boosts creativity, improves self-confidence, helps develop language-related skills and allows you to create unique connections and unforgettable moments between people of all ages who play.

For younger audiences there are also proposals such as Keyforge, with which players enter a world where everything is possible and where they can never find two equal decks. In this exciting game, two players compete to forge keys with which to open the hidden chambers of the Crucible, an artificial world composed of fragments of countless planets and civilizations making each battle an unrepeatable event.

Finally, there are more options like Munchkin, a hilarious game in which to kill the monsters and steal the treasure sums up the whole "Dungeon Experience"; or Bang! A quick game of gunmen in the Wild West to play among friends and family on a gathering day.

According to the latest recommendations of the World Health Organization (WHO) it is recommended to spend less time in front of the screens, especially children and replace these extended periods with other types of activities.

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