Bnet surpasses Gazir and is proclaimed champion of FMS Spain

Bnet imposed his speech on the conception of the 'freestyle' before Gazir

Bnet imposed his speech on the conception of 'freestyle' before Gazir

The Madrilenian Bnet became the new champion of Freestyle Master Series (FMS) Spain after beat Gazir in the final and decisive battle of the season.

In one of the most anticipated finals in recent times, Bnet imposed his speech on the conception of 'freestyle' In front of the competitor who "has best known how to squeeze the format," as the man from Madrid described to Efe in the hours prior to the appointment.

The Asturian, the main favorite and leader so far, could not play the role of Chuty last year and deny the title to Bnet at the last moment.

A) Yes, Bnet becomes the second 'freestyler' able to win the title of the league in Spain in the first season after the withdrawal of three-time champion Chuty.

Both the Madrilenian and the Asturian qualify directly to the International FMS, where SweetPain and Mnak, third and fourth place respectively, will also participate.

In the lower zone, Errecé will accompany bottom Khan on the descent while Mr. Ego was relegated to the place that gives the right to play the 'play-off'.


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