Blue Monday 2022: 9 tips to cope with the saddest day of the year

This Monday, January 17It's not just any Monday. According to several experts, it would be the saddest day of the year, baptized in 2005 as Blue Monday. It is considered so due to a mathematical formula devised by psychologist Cliff Arnall, with an origin attributed to the campaign of 'marketing' from an airline company. Arnall, taking into account variables climatic and economic, gave rise to this gray day on the calendar.

Even though he concept itself is considered pseudoscience for not harboring methodological principles, many are those who feel a special sadness during this day, and during the month of January in general. And it is not surprising, since the end of a season of festivities, the beginning of a cold winter, and the traditional January cost in economic terms.

The sadness is a basic emotion which appears frequently and does not have to be associated with more serious problems, describe from the online psychology platform TherapyChat. However, it is important that we know how to recognize it, identify what type it is and manage it properly. Here are 9 tips to learn how to manage and combat it:

contact with special people

We live in a time when we have learned that we cannot always be physically with our loved onesBut that doesn't mean we can't stay in touch. Organize video calls or virtual meetups, and feel the warmth of the people you needThe ones that make you feel understood. The sound of the voice of these people It will produce a very positive emotional effect on you.

Think of something that motivates you today

To try to get over the sadness you should not focus on the next weekend, but on this day. Find that moment that excites you today. For example, the snack time or personal dedication that you can give yourself this afternoon, after finishing work. Visualize that moment in your mind and look forward to it.

Take care of the power of sensations

For example, enjoy the pleasure of lying in bed while you feel the touch and aroma of clean sheets. Taste the texture of food when you eat at the table. Give yourself the pleasure of a relaxing bath. Sit on the sofa to watch your favorite series. walk barefoot on the carpet at home or on the lawn of a green area. Sensations are part of life, and through them you also connect with the language of the present. And, without a doubt, the best way to deal with sadness is through the conscious attitude of living in the now.

Play with colors when dressing

Sometimes, it happens that when a person feels sad they prefer to dress in dark tones and choose 'looks' with these muted tones to wear on a day-to-day basis. It's like she wants to go unnoticed. But nevertheless, cheerful colors have a vital effect on mood thanks to the stimulation of its visual information. Although right now we live in a situation in which teleworking has spread, it is important that we take care of how we dress and prepare for the workday, especially if we are going through a spell of feelings of sadness. Try to dress and groom yourself as if you were going to leave the house to go to the office, and add that touch of color.

Contact with green areas

It is convenient that, regardless of whether it is winter, spring, summer or autumn, you encourage the habit of having every day a moment to go for a walk, breathe the fresh air, admire the beauty of natural places, practice mindfulness and walk. Observe the well-being that you experience after a pleasant time in contact with a unique landscape that surrounds you with its immense perfection.

Close your eyes and perform a mental exercise of gratitude

practice gratitude It will help you in the task of leaving sadness behind. It is preferable that the reason for gratitude is current, but you can also connect with the past. Close your eyes to remember the details of that moment. Through this memory you also have the opportunity to update those sensations that you experienced then as if you were really experiencing them now.

Imagine that you are the protagonist of a funny movie

Why so much drama when you can look at life from the mood filter? Try to do this exercise as if it were a 'role playing' in which you have to play the role of a person who concentrates on being happy for a day. What are you going to do to make this day more joyful for you? Think about it and act accordingly. Tomorrow do the same.

Write reflections on a piece of paper

Undoubtedly, words have a very important communication potential and, on many occasions, they are tools that heal. Writing is therapeutic, especially when you want to face this sadness from solitude. As you can see in music and literature, sadness also inspires. Therefore, let yourself be inspired by it so that, based on your own circumstances, transform those internal sensations into beauty through words.

Don't judge your feelings

One of the main problems that can stagnate you and not let you get rid of sadness is that you believe that what you feel is out of place. Given this, the first thing you should be clear about is that you should not judge your feelings. Get rid of the thought of "what you should feel" and how long you should feel it for. Each person is a world and it may take you more or less than the rest to get rid of your sorrow.


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