Blondie reveals in her book a surreal story about David Bowie - La Provincia

The singer of Blondie, Debbie Harry, remember in his new memoir the night in which David Bowie He showed his penis as thanks for getting him cocaine.

"Once David and Iggy Pop They were looking for something to snort. His contact in New York had died suddenly and they were misplaced, "says the singer in 'Face it', the autobiography that comes to light this October 1, in a story advanced by The Sunday Times.

And continues: "A friend had given me a gram, but I had barely touched it. I didn't care much for coca, it made me nervous and affected my throat. So I climbed the stairs with my huge amount of cocaine and they simply snorted it. "

According to Harry, once snorted, Bowie pulled his penis from his pants. "As if I were the penis inspector or something. Since I was in a band with all the boys, I suppose he thought I was the penis inspector, "he pointed out.

"The size was notorious and he loved to show it to men and women. It was very funny, adorable and sexy," he recalled, still adding: "I didn't touch it, but I thought 'ok, very pretty'. I don't know, it's crap we can't ask him. "


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