Sat. Feb 23rd, 2019

Blockades and cuts of French highways, including borders with Spain

Blockades and cuts of French highways, including borders with Spain

The "yellow vests" today carried out numerous actions of blockades and cuts of highways and roads throughout the country, including the two main border crossings with Spain at the two ends of the Pyrenees.

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The National Road Information Center (CNIR, Bison Futé) noted on its website a "social demonstration" on the A63 motorway passing through the French Basque Country at the height of Biriatou and another in Urrugne, next to the Spanish border , in both directions of circulation.

The same indication was also given at the Le Boulou tollbooth, on the A9 motorway before entering Spain through Catalonia.

Also on the A9, there was another cut in both directions at the approaches to Narbonne-South. It also prevented the passage to the A7 in Montélimar, Bollène and Orange.

In the southwest, traffic was blocked on the A62 motorway at the Agen toll, and in Bordeaux since the early hours of the morning a hundred protesters mounted a barricade that they set on fire to prevent passage on the A10.

North of Lyon, traffic was interrupted on the A6 at the height of Villefrance sur Saône.

The "yellow jackets" today organize the fourth consecutive Saturday of protests in France, although the center of attention is in Paris, where it was feared that the situation would degenerate into scenes of violence and urban guerrilla like last week.

Outside the capital, where this morning there were some clashes with the forces of order, but without serious, there were demonstrations in other cities, such as Marseille.

There paraded peacefully through the center between 1,000 and 2,000 people to the prefecture, with different slogans, among which the demand for the resignation of French President Emmanuel Macron.

In what is the second city of the country, many shops had decided to close as a precaution to avoid damage to their stores, and the Christmas market was also closed.


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