Tue. Mar 31st, 2020

Bleeding Edge, a crazy multiplayer action and swords

Bleeding Edge, the new video game of Ninja Theory, is now available on Xbox One and PC. The studio responsible for titles like Hellblade and DmC: Devil May Cry has developed a crazy multiplayer experience based on the hack and slash very interesting. At first glance, Bleeding Edge is very reminiscent of hero shooters how Overwatch, although basically it is quite different.

It is true that, as in the Blizzard video game, the games of Bleeding Edge face two multiplayer teams with very different characters and classes. Also, as in other games of the genre – for example, the classic Team Fortress 2 – the goal is to control multiple zones off the map and keep your domain.


But in Bleeding Edge the most important thing to win is to know what is your position in the team and play your role well. In this regard, it may be more like other types of games, such as League of Legends, the Riot Games MOBA. Whether you are a healer (doctor), a tank or a character focused on the hurtYour best option is to focus on doing what is good for your class to contribute the most to your team.

In this sense, the unbalanced teams, with too many characters of a single type and few of the rest. The key to Bleeding Edge is play in team, but also build a coherent group of characters. Although consistency is perhaps not the first thing that comes to mind when looking at dirty designs and crazy characters, one of the most carefully and strangely attractive elements of the game.

Bleeding Edge image

Bleeding Edge image
(Ninja Theory)

The protagonists of Bleeding Edge are devastated. Human forms are combined with machines and some even seemn corpses playing the electric guitar. All are as decadent as they are attractive and give a different look to the game, which is reinforced by graphics with cel shading quite successful.

Bleeding Edge is available today at Xbox One Y PC (Steam and Microsoft Store). It can also be played through the Xbox Game Pass from both platforms. Also has game and cross save, which means that saved games can be passed from one platform to another and that all users can play together.

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