Blázquez endorses the condemnation of pedophilia carried out by the Vatican | Society

The president of the Spanish Episcopal Conference (CEE), Ricardo Blázquez, today read a document in which he says that "the Church openly recognizes abuses of various kinds and has the firm resolve to eradicate them." This was stated during the opening session of the Plenary Assembly of the bishops in which he thanked the victims of sexual abuse within the Church for their "courage to denounce them", because "they help the Church to take awareness of what has happened and the need to react decisively. "

It was not a document for the Plenary Assembly, which on its agenda does not mention pedophilia, but words of the final document of the Synod of the Church on Youth, Faith and vocational discernment regarding abuses within the Church. the Church, "to the deep commotion and the understandable scandal that they have provoked." The synod was held last October.

In addition, Blázquez stressed, "sins, which are sometimes also crimes, must be humbly acknowledged before God and without pretexts before men"

"Abuses should not be concealed nor give them a wrong answer, "stressed the president of the EEC, who has warned that the sin, in addition to having an individual dimension," hurts the Church and causes harm to other people. "However, Blázquez stresses that" it is not legitimate to entertain unsubstantiated suspicions "and he appreciates the" patient "dedication of so many Christians, ministers, consecrated persons and lay people.

Thus, the president of the EEC has referred to the words of the Synod document, which regret that "the various types of abuse made by some bishops, priests, religious and laity provoke in those who are victims, among which many young people, sufferings that can last a lifetime and to which no regret can remedy ".

"This phenomenon is widespread in society, it also touches the Church and represents a serious obstacle to its mission," said Blázquez to recall later that the Synod of the Church has already moved its "firm commitment" to adopt " rigorous "prevention measures based on the selection and training of those to whom responsibility and educational tasks will be entrusted.

The Synod, recalled Blázquez, has also expressed gratitude to those who have had the "courage" to denounce the evil suffered, because they help the Church to become aware of what has happened and the need to "react decisively." The document of the Synod also points out that the Church must be holy to invite young people to be so, and warns that many of them have left it because they have not found holiness there, but "mediocrity, presumption, division and corruption."

"Unfortunately the world is outraged by the abuses of some people of the Church instead of being revived by the sanctity of its members. That is why the Church as a whole must make a decided, immediate and radical change of perspective! ", Blázquez said, citing the text of the Synod.


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