Blas Trujillo insists that the important thing is to recover the resources

Blas Trujillo insists that the important thing is to recover the resources

Blas Trujillo, Minister of Health of the Government of the Canary Islands. / ef

The counselor recalled that the Canarian Executive tried to seize the company to recover the money

EFE Santa Cruz of Tenerife

The Minister of Health, Blas Trujillo, has insisted this Tuesday in the plenary session of the Canary Islands Parliament that in the so-called Masks case, the important thing is that «
we walk in the recovery of resourceswhich is the main objective, in addition to collaborating with justice«.

Blas Tujillo, who has appeared at the request of the Nationalist group (CC-PNC-AHI) to discuss the administrative and procedural situation of the aforementioned case, in which the regional administration paid
four million euros to the company RR7 United SL for a material that was never received.

The counselor recalled that a legal proceeding has been opened in which the regional government is collaborating, and has reiterated that it is true that there is a breach of the contract by the contracted company, as well as that the Canarian executive tried to seize the company to recover the money.

The deputy of the Nationalist group (CC-PNC-AHI) José Alberto Díaz-Estébanez considered the counselor's appearance disappointing, who in his opinion insists on saying that everything is fine, and has considered that the root of the evils lies in the fact that the Canarian executive is incapable of even admitting a mistake after losing 4 million euros.

José Alberto Díaz-Estébanez has once again asked who made the decision and who authorized it, as well as according to what criteria the company was considered adequate and why the regional government
it took more than six months in making the first request after the breach.

In addition, the deputy of the Nationalist group asked who decided to renegotiate with the swindlers when the contract was terminated, and, among other questions, he also questioned the counselor about the reasons why he had not been informed for more than two years.

The counselor replied that the questions with a counselor have an answer on the transparency portal of the Canarian government.

In addition, the deputy José Alberto Díaz-Estébanez recalled that at that time the Minister of Health was Julio Pérez, while the director of the Canarian Health Service was Antonio Olivera, and the current director of this service, Conrado Martínez, was secretary technical overview.

As for the president of the Canary Islands, Ángel Víctor Torres, added the deputy of the Nationalist group, he chaired the management committee that approved the contract, and asked if he has a personal relationship with any member of the company involved.

The deputy of the Mixed group Vidina Espino has shown her confidence in Justice and has added that
once the emergency is over, it can be analyzed if there was any irregularity or crime in that action.

Jesús Ramos, from the Gomera Socialist Group, has also been in favor of letting the Justice act for an action that took place in a “jungle” and has opined that there has been transparency on the part of the Canarian executive.

The deputy of Sí Podemos Canarias María del Río has insisted that her formation wants the facts to be clarified and that the 4 million euros be returned to the Canarian treasury.

Esther González, from Nueva Canarias, has said that it makes no sense to deal with this matter for the umpteenth time when there are no relevant news, but she has considered that it is about looking for headlines, and has asserted that
the main thing is to get the money.

The deputy of the Popular group María Australia Navarro has opined that the counselor has asked for a fifth opportunity to clarify the murky purchase of the masks, and has said that respecting the presumption of innocence, he will claim political responsibilities.

Marcos Hernández, from the Socialist group, has pointed out that the failed contract was processed by the
emergency situationand therefore the performance was exceptional.

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