April 18, 2021

Blas de Lezo's film would cost 80 million

Blas de Lezo's film would cost 80 million

Who was going to tell Blas de Lezo, famous marine and national hero, who was going to celebrate his 330th birthday being "trending topic" and being in the mouth of those who know him and in the fingertips of those who want to know something about the. The filming of a film, which would be added to the project of the series that LA RAZÓN anticipates that is under way, would be a round idea for the producer Miguel Menéndez de Zubillaga, currently embarked on narrating how the Elcano-Magallanes bypass was in the film "Without limits", a film that has a budget of 25 million euros.

Putting the sea of ​​Guipúzcoa into the sea would be much more expensive: "Not for less than 80 million, because the shooting of the battle in Cartagena de Indias, telling how it was, the ships, the naval feat, would be quite complicated while exciting . That it will be carried out by Spain alone is impossible. Blas de Lezo is a brilliant character who gave a lesson in strength and courage, "he says.

In fact, for the film about the Spanish navigator and the Portuguese, it is anticipated that the filming, originally scheduled for the first quarter of this year, has been delayed until the end of the summer "because a large platform has entered that will be left with the rights for a series of territories, which means a unique opportunity for us and gives it an international dynamic ".

That foreign participation would be necessary in the case of the Basque sailor: "To undertake a life like yours is a project that anyone who is dedicated to the world of cinema falls in love with. But I repeat that it can not be done in any way or at any price. It is necessary to pamper an episode like that battle, because if you do not see the shortcomings. "

As in the case of "Without Limits", the producer points to a director tamed in action films, "struggling in the adventure, as is the case of Simon West, who runs ours, not someone who is used to more movies or less conventional In this type of projects you have to move a lot of people and it's not worth anybody ". Would Ménendez de Zubillaga produce a film about De Lezo? "I would dream of doing it because I love it."

And it adds an important fact that marks this type of work: "It is necessary to tell the History from the place where it was produced, not from the current perspective. Certain feats and deeds implicitly carry the stigma of being branded as conservative or right-wing, and it is a mistake. The day we remove prejudices and complexes we can count them as they were, add or contaminate. "

That the historical cinema has pulse and life proves it, for example, the project that Spielberg prepares, to take to the screen (he is also the author of the script) the life of Hernán Cortés with the support of Amazon and the presence of Javier Bardem in the skin of a conqueror These are big words.


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