February 25, 2021

Blas Cantó will represent Spain with “I’m going to stay” at Eurovision 2021

Madrid, 20 Feb. (EFE) .- The ballad “I’m going to stay” will be the song that Blas Cantó will interpret on May 22 in the final of Eurovision 2021 on behalf of Spain, as decided tonight by the public television audience RTVE with a 58 % of votes in a live broadcast.

The verdict of the “eurofans”, without the diagnosis this time by a professional jury as a complement, has been revealed in the program “Destino Eurovisión” of La 1, in which the Murcian artist has interpreted both this theme and “Memory”, the other candidate court, in addition to singing in a duet with guests such as Vanesa Martín, Andrés Suárez, Pastora Soler, Edurne or Cepeda.

With the beginning in twilight and “a cappella”, Cantó has interpreted “I’m going to stay” supported by the dramatic scenery designed by the Dutch Marvin Dietmann, the same one who was in charge of Conchita Wurst’s winning performance at Eurovision 2014 and who will plan the Spanish proposal for the grand final.

“It has all the records that exist in me,” said its interpreter of the official theme of Spain, who has also been responsible for its composition along with Leroy Sanchez, Daniel Ortega “Dangelo” and Dan Hammond.

About its creation, he told Efe that he did it in May, during confinement at his mother’s house in Murcia, at a particularly painful time, after also experiencing an episode of anxiety that encouraged him to stay in bed all day.

“I was losing my father. I had so many things to say … That song made me cry a lot,” said Cantó, who made three versions of the lyrics to “get everything I suffered from within.”

In November he had to record it in Madrid, just when it was his grandmother who was dying from covid-19. “I couldn’t sing it without getting emotional, but now I feel strong, because it’s a ‘I’m going to stay here’ and not so much a request that you stay, even if you’re here, it doesn’t matter if it’s not physically. That’s why for me it’s not a sad song, but optimistic, “he explained.

Voting was opened after the two songs were presented to the public on February 10, and then the festival’s fans seemed to favor “I’m going to stay.”

The one in 2021 will be the second time that Cantó appears as a candidate in the grand finale of the European song festival, after the cancellation of its celebration in 2020 due to the coronavirus pandemic, the first in its 65-year history.


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