June 15, 2021

Blas Cantó will perform in the first half of the 2021 Eurovision grand final

Essay by Blas Cantó.

Essay by Blas Cantó.

Blas Cantó You already know in which stage of the grand finale of Eurovision 2021 will act. The representative of Spain in the European contest he will interpret ‘I’m going to stay’ in the first half of the gala next Saturday, May 22 (between positions 1 and 13), as determined randomly in the press conference after its second individual rehearsal at the Rotterdam Ahoy.

In this way, Spain returns three years later to the first half of the Grand Final of the Festival of Eurovision. Amaia and Alfred were the last representatives of our country in the European competition to act within the first block of action (position 2) at the festival held in Lisbon (Portugal) in 2018.

Instead, most of the group consisting of Big 5 and the organizing country will perform in the second part of the festival finale. The lottery has also determined that Måneskin, Jendrik and Barbara Pravi, representatives of Italy, Germany and France respectively, will take the stage in the aforementioned section. Jeangu macrooy, representative of the Netherlands and host of the contest, will act in the number 23 position, while James newman, a participant from the United Kingdom, will perform his theme in the first half.

Changes in performance and lighting

Regarding his second individual rehearsal, the performance of Blas Cantó It has undergone several significant changes compared to last Thursday’s technical test, mainly in terms of lighting and production. The number has had shorter shots to better capture the singer’s performance and emotion, which interacts more with the cameras in various parts of the song.

During the 3 minutes that the song lasts, Marvin Dietmann, creative director of Spain’s performance in this edition of the Festival de Eurovision, has used 36 shots of long transitions with 24 cameras, including a hot head, a cablecam, two steady.

“We are making some small performance adjustments, because we have improved a lot from the first trial. We are really satisfied with the result. He has been great in his voice and his performance. We are very close to what we want“said Ana María Bordas, head of the Spanish delegation, who was also present at the meeting with journalists.

In addition to keeping the costumes from last Thursday, on the other hand, Blas continues to bet on singing a cappella in the first and last phrases of the song, to which the pre-recorded voices will be lowered a bit to give more prominence to the live choir composed for Alba Gil, Héctor Artiles, Daira Monzón, Irene Alman and Dángelo Ortega.

“It is difficult for me to sing this song, it has many changes. I have 3 minutes to show people what we want, the voice has to be perfect… But if I break my voice, if I feel so sensitive… It is about history, about what is happening in my life now. And I can’t control it, it’s real … I think that music they are emotions, not being perfect”, Assured Blas Cantó in the subsequent press conference.

Blas Cantó’s second individual essay seems to have convinced the accredited press in Rotterdam a bit more. According to the survey carried out by the ESCXtra medium, The Spanish candidacy ranks third among the countries that have rehearsed for the first time this Wednesday (Big 5 + host country), but at a great distance from France and Italy.


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