Blanco flag to Spain – The Province

Blanco flag to Spain - The Province

The prestigious Princess Sofia Olympic sailing trophy arrived yesterday at its equator with the start of the final series in most classes. And the day had grancanario protagonism. Especially for the performance of Joaquin Blanco, who was one more day in the best national competitor of the event that takes place in the waters of Palma de Mallorca.

The sailor of the Real Club Nautico de Gran Canaria sailed in the leading group of the Laser class in the two races held, to finish in fifth and eighth position respectively. These partials allowed him to keep his comeback. After a bad start, it already occupies the fifth place of a general classification in which the Norwegian Hermann Tomasgaard commands.

Joaquín Blanco was satisfied with his performance in the first part of the Majorcan regatta of Olympic classes, noting that "the first day was a little weaker, because it was the contact and I tried not to take risks but then I got better". He stressed that the objective of this season is the World Championship that is held in Japan at the beginning of July and "in which we will try to classify Spain for the next Olympic Games".

"It's a complicated but possible goal, because we have a double option, Joel Rodriguez – his teammate of the Royal Yacht Club of Gran Canaria – and I, and we hope that one of the two will get it," the islander added.

Following the Gran Canaria representation in the day yesterday, in the class 470 women has not recorded major changes after the two legs held. The Catalan Silvia Mas and the island Patricia Cantero finished in tenth place in both and are placed in the sixth place in the general standings. The first one explained that "the goal of 2019 is the World Cup in Japan". "We are in a year in which we have to do all the races as well as possible because our Olympic team will not be mathematical, but the Federation will choose the crew with a better performance in general terms."

The Catalonian regatta notes that she and Patricia Cantero are using the Princesa Sofía Trophy as a test bed, because "now we are testing material that we will want to use in summer in Japan".

Tara Pacheco, unlucky

In the class Nacra17, an early departure of the Gran Canaria Tara Pacheco and his teammate Florian Trittel in the last test of the day spoiled the good work of the Spanish team. This crew, sailing through the Club Nautic El Balis, won the first part of the day but the subsequent disqualification frustrated their aspirations to continue improving positions in the general classification, where they fall to 16th place.

On the other hand, in the RS: X male class, the Gran Canaria Ángel Granda and Fernando Lamadrid signed a good day in the waters of Palma de Mallorca, improving their classification. The first occupies the seventh place and the Andalusian follows him in the eighth.

In Radial Laser, Martina Reino, of the Real Club Nautico de Gran Canaria, is still the most outstanding national athlete despite yesterday not being at the level of the first two days. He fell to 17th place in the provisional general by adding a fifth and a seventh place.

The competition will face from tomorrow its decisive part with all categories sailing already divided into groups gold and silver. The Racing Committee will try to carry out two or three more tests depending on the wind and the class. Eolo yesterday was blowing in the Bay of Palma with South-Southwest direction and with an intensity of 12 knots with points of 15. The good conditions allowed to fulfill the whole program.

Participants rush between today and tomorrow their options to be able to qualify for the respective Medal Races, in which the first ten of the classification participate to fight for the triumph and which will take place next Saturday. If everything continues like this, there will be Gran Canaria representation in several of them.


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