Blanca, in ‘First Dates’: “I come from medicine, a union where the rate of horns is very high”

Blanca, in 'First Dates'.

Blanca, in ‘First Dates’.

The works are very present in the different appointments of the diners of the restaurant of First Dates‘. This is the case of Blanca, a 28-year-old maxillofacial surgeon, who had no qualms about talking about one of the most striking ‘peculiarities’ of her profession: “I’m not looking for love, I come from the medical guild, where the rate of horns is very high. “

“I have been without a partner for more than three years and I am faithful even to the rolls, I am never with two at the same time, but they last two weeks,” said Blanca as soon as I entered the dating restaurant presented by Carlos Sobera, which even made him look reasonable: “Did they tell you what you think of Brooke Shields? ”

Moments later, the Madrilenian met Héctor, a 34-year-old commercial director from Gijón, for the first time. who defined himself as a person who will always believe in love: “I have been like this since I was a child and I will be until I die and, no matter how many sticks I take, no one is going to take away that hope.”

Once seated at the table after their presentation, the truth is that the two had a very pleasant evening, talking about many topics such as, for example, their old romantic relationships. What’s more, Héctor revealed to Blanca that he was divorced. “I am glad that you realized that it did not work because there are many people who have children to try to fix it and it is a huge mistake,” replied the surgeon, later apologizing to him upon learning he was also the father of a son: I am a specialist in doing screw up“.

In the final minutes of the night, the connection that both felt was decisive in ‘The final decision’, since they both wanted a second date to get to know each other better outside of the ‘First Dates’ restaurant. “I think he is a boy who has a lot of presence, you are elegant, nice, you are always smiling … and the fact that you are divorced and have a child seems to me a very important point. You are mature on another level,” said Blanca.


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