Blackstone foresees a break in the rental market by the decree of the Government

Blackstone foresees a break in the rental market by the decree of the Government


It has not yet been approved, but the reform of the rental market that completes the government With the support of Podemos, it already arouses criticism within the real estate sector. Blackstone, the largest homeowner in Spain, has indicated that the initiative will reduce the supply and cause a "paralysis" in this market.

So he considers it Claudio Boada, responsible for Blackstone in Spain and Portugal, which has highlighted in a statement that after the reform our country will become "one of the markets with the most restrictive regulations in Europe." Specifically, this regulation contemplates measures such as limiting the increase in income to the CPI, charging the legal entities for real estate expenses and suspending for three months the evictions of persons at risk of exclusion.

Boada also makes reference to that, if finally the Council of Ministers approves this Friday the reform, Spain will have had three different legislations regarding rent in the last three months. This, for the person in charge of the fund, "generates legal insecurity in all the market operators, most of them small savers, which represent 96% of the market".

"From our point of view, any new regulation on the rental market requires a rigorous sector analysis and of debate among all the market operators, an objective that does not meet a royal decree-law a few days before the dissolution of the Chambers, "adds Boada.

Blackstone, like a good number of real estate consultants and appraisers, believes that the problem of housing in Spain should be to the shortage of supply. Therefore, advocates to promote "a greater public or affordable housing park" and denounces that Spain "has lacked in the last 15 years of a real program of housing policies to alleviate the situations of the most disadvantaged groups."


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