Wed. Jan 22nd, 2020

Blackout in Manhattan leaves 42,000 homes without electricity with underground in the dark

A fault in the electricity supply in New York maintains from this Saturday to about 42,000 homes without light, affecting the area west of the city and neighborhoods like the Upper West, as well as a part of Times Square, with scenes of concern among citizens because Metro lines and some theater came to stay in the dark.

The blackout, which occurred at 8:00 pm, local time, (00:00 GMT Sunday), in addition to affecting the normal functioning of the subway, left many citizens trapped in elevators and even part of the busy Times Square was left without their luminous habitual, as it has been able to appreciate in the social networks and have informed local means.

Energy company Con Edison reported that some 42,000 customers were without power, mainly on the west side of Manhattan, while the Fire Department said on Twitter that the power failure extended from 72nd Street to 40th Street. and from Fifth Avenue to the Hudson River.

At the moment, there are no calculations to restore the supply but Con Edison has reported that it is working to restore the supply as soon as possible.

From the City of New York it has been reported that metro lines A, C, F, D and M are affected for the time being.

On the origin of the incident, the Fire Department cited a transformer fire west of 64th Street. There was also "smoke in several buildings" on the west side, the department said, and was responding to "numerous" cases of people trapped in elevators.

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