"Black shit", the racist insult that outrages Castellón

It was minute 65 and Castellon they lost 1-2 to Andorra at the Castalia stadium. Before a throw-in, the visitor Dani Morer crosses with the local Kialy Abdoul Kone and says something to him. That something, according to the Castellón player after the game, included a racist insult. Specifically, according to the sources consulted by this newspaper: "shit black." Kone's response, a slap at Dani Morer, cost him the red card.

"The reaction was not normal but at that time we did not know what had happened," add those same sources from the entity albinegra. Kone's own teammates, who had only been on the field for just 14 minutes, did not find out what happened until the end of the match. Most had not even seen the assault. "In the field we protest because they always protest, but we were not aware of anything," they comment. The left-handed winger from Côte d'Ivoire completed the sequence of the insult of others and his own aggression using the index finger to say 'no' to the visitor Dani Morer. Kone claims he called him "ugly" and "shitty nigger".

The dressing room has covered the player in the last hours, which have not been easy. "I was screwed up and affected", they indicate. Both Kone and the orellut club avoided making new statements, following the statement issued late on Saturday, after the footballer recounted the racist insult received after the game.

Search for evidence

In parallel, the Albinegro club, which reaffirms its support for the footballer, has analyzed the television broadcast without finding the necessary images to be able to interpret and read Morer's lips. Nor has so far found an audio that can support the accusation. The same thing happened some time ago in a similar situation in a Cádiz-Valencia, with Cala and Diakhaby as protagonists, and with many more cameras in the stadium.

Neither does the collegiate Usón Rogel, whom he was told what happened after the meeting, considered appropriate to reflect it in the minutes. Yes, Andorra responded to the previous statement from Castellón on Sunday, denying the accusations.

"In no case will the player of the FC Andorra He uttered no racist insult to the Castellón footballer. We deeply regret the unfounded accusations made against one of our players, "they said. «FC Andorra roundly condemns any racist act or expression both in sport and in any area of ​​human relations. Racism and violence are scourges that must be eradicated from the world of football and society, "they added.


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