Thu. Apr 25th, 2019

Black Pink, the new phenomenon of K-pop that sweeps on YouTube

Black Pink, el nuevo fenómeno del K-pop que arrasa en Youtube

The gender of K-Pop continues to devastate. Little is known about the magnitude of the phenomenon in the West for the dimensions it has but the figures are overwhelming. Some of these bands, however, manage to overcome the barriers and this is the case of the girl band Black Pink, as demonstrated by the release this week of his new single, Kill This Love.

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In just three days, the video clip of the song already accumulates more than 110 million views on the platform Youtube. For example, the famous clip This Is America, of Childlish Gambino, which became a true mass phenomenon last year did not reach 40 million in the same period of time. However, it is still far from the billion that his compatriot Psy beat with the famous archivist Gangnam Style.

It is not the first time that Jisoo, Jennie, Rosé and Lisa -these westernized artistic names- break records. Your single As If It's Your Last, published in 2017 gave them the record of the group that more quickly reached the 400 million views on YouTube. However, they broke their own record with their last EP, Square up, published last year. Ddu-Du-Ddu-Du, one of the songs that form part of this last album, reached number 55 on Billboard Hot 100, which has been the greatest success achieved by a group of K-Pop.

Everything that surrounds Black Pink is huge figures. The band created in 2016 at the YG Entertainment laboratory -one of the characteristics of K-Pop is that it does not hide the artificiality of its musical phenomena- has been located in a few years at the top of the artists with the most followers and sales in their country . As far as Instagram followers are concerned (16.7 million), they have ousted the Korean pop artists BTS (16.3), until now the reference group of this musical genre.

The videoclip in question fulfills all the topics of the genre. A lot of color, a lot of choreographed dance to the millimeter, scenarios to which more different and a lot of challenging tone confronts the camera of the four members of the band. Some fireworks that, as the figures show, delight your audience.

His fame already goes beyond Asia, as evidenced by the fact that they performed at the last Grammy gala. Barcelona will be one of the cities that will happen sooner rather than later on its next world tour. Black Pink will perform on May 24 at the Palau Sant Jordi, the only date in Spain, so it will be a good opportunity to check the dimensions of its phenomenon, especially among teenagers.

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