January 28, 2021

Black Friday | The best live deals





One more year, the last Friday in November begins Black friday, “Black Friday” that has been celebrated in our country since 2012. A day of offers and promotions that every year moves the economy of our country shortly before kicking off the Christmas holidays.

This year it is expected that most of the purchases will be made online. According to Privalia’s Black Friday 2020 study, 51% of Spaniards you will acquire your favorite products through different ecommerce platforms. In fact, the report shows that the Internet will represent 89% of purchases this year, while the physical store will only be 11%.

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08.45In El Corte Inglés there are also great offers for Black Friday 2020The Spanish department store chain The English Court has up to a 45% off this# BlackFriday2020. Save on your purchases with this El Corte Inglés discount code. 08.37The Bank of Spain asks to pay attention to financing “without interest” The Bank of Spain recommended paying attention on Black Friday to financing purchases and claims that consumers do not get carried away by advertisements of “financed without interest” because that does not mean that the cost to be paid for it is zero. This may be because, beyond interest, other expenses and fees may apply. Learn in depth how these calculations can affect what you actually pay for the item.08.33More offers for Black Friday! These are the robot vacuum cleaners: Roomba, Conga, Xiaomi … The cleaning robots have become fashionable. More and more people want to get one to help them with housework. If kitchen machines were among the first to arrive, robot vacuum cleaners are revolutionizing the homes of thousands of peoples. Its advantages? They are comfortable, very low-noise, you can leave them to their own devices and they vacuum the floor of the house while you work, go out for beer or rest watching Netflix. Today, for the Black Friday 2020, many brands of Vacuum robots such as iRobot (Roomba robot brand), Cecotec (the Spanish behind Conga) or Xiaomí, they throw the prices for the #BlackFriday with great offers

08.30AMD IdeaPad 3 (15 “) laptop at € 399.20A laptop never hurts. Especially now that we spend a lot of time at home. Whether working, playing the computer, watching series or surfing the net, it is important to be well equipped! And if above it is for € 399.20 well then … turn off and let’s go! Or rather … turn on and let’s go! 😉 Enjoy during this Lenovo Black Friday of the offer of IdeaPad 3 (15 “) AMD. It has gone from € 499 to € 399.20! 08.24How many packages will be mailed the week of Black FridayAccording to a calculation by the UNO logistics employer, the logistics companies will manage a total of 3.5 million packages related to Black Friday, while in the rest of Christmas dates it is expected that they will move, on average, 2.5 million a day. A good part of them will be made from the center of San Fernando de Henares, a logistics area with an area equivalent to 11 football fields. This is how they work during the week of Black Friday.08.13What is the origin of Black Friday?The HHistorical fact that is most pointed out as the origin of this date is located in Philadelphia in the year 1966. On the day after Thanksgiving, one of the key days in family reunions in the United States, there were many traffic jams and collapses on the roads. For this reason, the agents who were in charge of the traffic referred to this day as black friday. You can check more details about the history of Black Friday in this Article.08.12Groupon joins the Black Friday pricing party and also offers exciting discountsYou can start the day giving yourself a treat with the 25% discount in the Category Plans Near you with Groupon. That you also have to pamper yourself!08.05Cecotec Conga offer for Black Friday!The Spanish brand of robot vacuum cleaner that scrubs does everything. Sweep, vacuum, scrub, mop … come on, an essential for the house! This Black Friday Cecotec has thrown the house out the window and lowered the price of the Conga 6090 Ultra from € 699 to € 399

08.01One in three products get more expensive before the sale for Black FridayBe very careful today with Bargains and great Black Friday deals. According to OCU, almost 1/3 of the more than 2,500 products that he has analyzed over more than 85 establishments have risen in price in recent days as Black Friday approached. This ruse is not new and has already been denounced in recent years. According to this report, the price increases (30.3%) far outweigh the decreases (11.2%)08.00Black Friday 2020: the day of bargains begins!One more year and like every last Friday in November, Black Friday takes place. This party of bargains and great deals was born in the United States and has been held in Spain for a few years. Of course, be very careful with spending without brakes and without looking at the offers.


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