Black Friday 2020: the best electronics bargains

Black Friday 2020: Discover the best deals on electronics products.

Black Friday 2020: Discover the best deals on electronics products.

The Black Friday 2020 it’s here. The wait is about to end. After many weeks of waiting, Black Friday is just days away from being a reality. Undoubtedly, this Friday, November 27, comes with endless offers and with the technology as the protagonist, but already the previous days, it is possible to enjoy some advance offers. Mobile phones, tablets, computers, wireless headphones, televisions, e-books and many more products are part of the list of electronics bargains.

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Today, electronics-related articles are generally highly valued. Both children and adults tend to have a predilection for these devices that They make our day to day easier and can be a lot of fun. Technology can even help improve our health, for example, with CO2 meters.

Therefore, this Black friday It is postulated as the perfect time to buy a gift for a person we love or treat ourselves at a good price. To do this, we bring you the best electronics bargains for this Black Friday.

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iRobot 981 by Roomba: This robot vacuum cleaner is a great option to acquire this November 27. The iRobot company, with more than 30 years of experience in robotics, offers this vacuum cleaner from the well-known brand Roomba, which after drawing a map of your house, navigates in orderly and efficient rows to lift dirt, debris, and pet hair through its powerful cleaning system. When the battery discharges, there is no problem. The same robot recharges and picks up where it left off. Your price: € 379.00.

Huawei Watch GT Sport: Smart watches are a trend among a large part of the population. This Huawei offers a multitude of services that an ordinary watch cannot perform. With a battery that lasts about two weeks, identify sleeping problems common and provides more than 200 suggestions to help you sleep better, measures your heart rate through innovative sensors and supports three satellite positioning systems. Its price: € 69.

Apple Airpods Pro: Developing headphone cables is something old-fashioned, belonging to bygone times. With these wireless headphones from Apple, walking around listening to music, playing sports, or simply traveling on the subway becomes a activity with extra entertainment without losing comfort. These sweat- and water-resistant headphones have the option of canceling outside sound so you can immerse yourself in what you’re listening to, or if you prefer, you can activate ambient sound mode so you’re not disconnected from the outside world. Your price: € 209

Bose Solo 5 soundbar: If you have a television with good image quality, but the sound has some deficiencies, this offer may be your salvation. This soundbar provides a surprisingly improved sound quality compared to the TV. This device has a Bluetooth connection to stream music wirelessly through any device. Your price: € 147.99

Kindle: In this year in which we have lived through a terrible quarantine period, many of us have rediscovered the great value of books. This e-book Kindle has a built-in dimmable light that allows you to read for hours inside and outside the home, both day and night. The product, which has a 167 dpi, high contrast screen in which it reads like printed paper, gives the option to underline passages, look up definitions, translate words or adjust the size of the text. In addition, it has a capacity for thousands of titles. Your price: € 64.99


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