July 25, 2021

Black Friday 2018 and other dates with great offers

Black Friday 2018 and other dates with great offers


The Christmas purchases will be advanced one more year at the end of November with the offers of «Black Friday» (Black Friday), whose central day will take place on November 23. This campaign will be held for the sixth consecutive year in our country after the norm that liberalized the dates of the sales. Amazon, Media Markt and Fnac were the first companies to celebrate these days, although year after year they have added the rest of electronic stores and physical stores of reference in the country. But it was not until 2014 when the «Black Friday» became popular in Spain. At the beginning, this event was known as Black Friday, but the English expression ended up being imposed, as it is extracted from the «II Report Cuponation of results and forecasts for Black Friday 2018 in the 'e-commerce'».

The same study shows that the most common is the shops lengthen the offers at least four days, from Friday to the following Monday, coinciding with the "Cyber ​​Monday" (November 26) and adding to what they have called "Cyber ​​Weekend » Even so, there are shops that further extend these terms and celebrate a week of discounts, the "Cyber ​​Week", or a whole month with reduced prices.

The liberalization of rebates has also been the excuse to import other dates with great offers to our country. This Sunday 11 of 11 is celebrated the Day of the Single, a tradition that comes from China, and in which the Alibaba shopping platform will offer discounts for more than 180,000 participating brands. «The Day of the Bachelor can be the first test of survival of an electronic commerce before the madness of the Christmas season begins. Here you can check if your website and promotions are presented properly and make sure that the website is prepared for the traffic flow of the season that is approaching », says João Gomes Patricio, Digital Marketing consultant at Súmate Marketing Online.

In addition to these Christmas pre-campaigns, shops also offer mid-season discounts in what is known as «Mid season sale» and that some brands launch in the fall and spring. In this way and as a means to release the "stock", many are the fashion brands that are pointing in Spain to this trend that emerged in the Anglo-Saxon world and that customers take the opportunity to renew their wardrobe facing the cold months or heat.


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