Bizum will stop operating for a few days for Bankia clients due to the last phase of the merger with CaixaBank

Although CaixaBank and Bankia are legally the same bank since last spring, the integration of both entities will face its final phase in the coming weeks. To date, the mobile application or certain contracts continued to be differentiated, but next November 12 it will be key to transfer those Bankia customers to CaixaBank services. This will affect cards, accounts or the use of services such as Bizum, although in this case it will only be temporary.

For that day, customers who continue to use Bankia’s application will have to move to CaixaBank’s, CaixaBank Now. In this new application, customers of the old rescued entity will be able to continue accessing their accounts and cards in a normal way, although some services will be temporarily out of operation, as the group has informed its users. Specifically, as Bankia has informed those who still use its application, between 3 p.m. on November 12 and November 14, these customers will not be able to send or receive money through Bizum, the platform shared by all banks for instant transfers.

The suspension of this Bizum service for Bankia customers will begin on November 11 for e-commerce purchases made through this tool, as well as bets that are made through Lotteries and Betting and whose payment is made by Bizum . It is expected, as reported by the entity, that as of November 14, customers will be able to carry out all these operations normally, regardless of their bank of origin.

Another change that will take place for Bankia customers as of November 12 is that the contracts for their cards will be transferred to the CaixaBank consumer finance and payment means subsidiary, which will entail some changes in the conditions. The new entity has already informed clients that users of Bankia’s ‘For being you’ program will go to CaixaBank’s ‘Day to Day’, with which the commissions may rise from 28 to 36 euros.

In addition, in this integration process, the unification of the ATMs of both entities will be effective, as well as a change in the IBAN of the clients’ accounts. Although, this will not affect them in their normal operations because the change will be redirected automatically.


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