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From Murcia to Latin America. That is the geographical leap that has been given by the songs of the artist Muerdo, Pascual Cantero in the DNI. His lyrics have been waved on banners and posters during the protests that have crossed Chile or Colombia In the last months. Lto “surprise”, as the singer describes it, has coincided with the final stretch of what he has called “first life”, which he concluded last month, with a concert in Madrid, after almost two years turning with The hand in the fire.

The first time Muerdo visited Latin America, about seven years ago, he landed in the humidity of Cuba. So he didn’t know what that trip would mean for his musical project. The artist has been nurturing that region of the planet since then. Chile, Argentina, Mexico or Colombia have been the field of payment of their music, mixture of miscegenation and social denunciation.

The Murcia was in Argentina, in the middle of the electoral campaign for the presidency of the country, when “the wave” of the protests in Chile. Many shared posters with their letters on their social networks, others asked him to spread the country’s mobilizations. There he planned to play on November 14. He thought about it. “Many canceled their concerts and I did not know whether to call the embassy to say: Hi, what do I do?” He decided to act and instead of a concert to use lived a kind of demonstration accompanied by music. The public chanted slogans against the country’s president, Sebastián Piñera, who silenced him for minutes.

Protests in Santiago, Chile.

Protests in Santiago, Chile.

His music, loaded with political references – although he assures non-military in any ideology -, enhances the strength of the people, nature in front of the city and that, he considers Muerdo, is better in Latin America, where they still do not enjoy “the bubble” of the welfare state. “I think there is also no aesthetic discourse as hegemonic as there may be in Spain with certain genres and there is still a very strong connection with a way of telling stories and a usefulness of the musician,” he says.

Maybe that’s why songs like Far from the city or I sing pal who is awake They have lit there with such force. Although the vindictive nature of his lyrics arose in Spain, as well as the folk sound. His first musical references were killed at home, with boleros, Atahualpa Yupanqui, Violeta Parra or Juan Luis Guerra. With the explosion of social movements in 2011 (year of 15-M) he began to play the guitar in assemblies. There he settled what is today Bite.

Another component that emanates from your project and that you consider key in the connection with Latin America is the landscape. “Vin a village in a town in Murcia, where people are supported by agriculture, that way of life is still present in Latin America and living there has rooted me back to my origins, ”he explains. So, tI love the Spanish countryside as the Andean mountains beat in their lyrics through rhythms and instruments, such as the chacarera and the zamba or the bass drum and the charango.

Bite says he can’t find his place in the plots established by the Spanish music industry. While acknowledging that it connects with artists ranging from Macaco to Rozalén, he does not feel comfortable framing his work. He doesn’t need it either. He has closed stage with the disc The hand in the Fire, which is protected by the Warner Music label, which does not cause any ethical conflict, assumes it as another way of working. He said goodbye to the stage in Madrid, accompanied by artists such as Pedro Guerra, Marinah de Ojos de Brujo or Mr. Kilombo. At the end of his first life he will be followed by a change of course that he will experience in Buenos Aires. He clarifies that “it will not be a blow of the wheel”, but it will introduce some new sounds. His second life is already underway.


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