Bishops accuse Ione Belarra of "dirtying" the Church's work by underlining its cover-up against abuses

"The Catholic Church has been complicit too many times in our country covering up sexual violence and this has to end." The words of the Minister of Social Rights and Agenda 2030, Ione Belarra, during the debate prior to the aapproval of the Organic Law for the Comprehensive Protection of Children and Adolescents against Violence, has unleashed the wrath of the Spanish bishops, who have denounced the minister for "dirtying" the Church with "a gravely unjust accusation" that "does not correspond at all to the truth."

Spanish Jesuits admit more than a hundred cases of abuse, but without giving the names of those responsible

Spanish Jesuits admit more than a hundred cases of abuse, but without giving the names of those responsible

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And it is that, for the Spanish Church, Belarra's words are "prey to a stale anticlericalism" that "use the Church for political confrontation in a strategy of rupture and confrontation."

In a note issued late this morning, the Episcopal Conference sees the approval of the regulations as "good news", but immediately attacks Belarra, insisting that, according to some studies (fundamentally the latest from the Anar Foundation) , only "0.2% of the cases have occurred in religious activities."

Without investigating or compensating the victims

"Something that, being serious for us, puts in its magnitude the dimensions of the problem and points out the environments in which abuses are mostly produced, which should be given special attention and protection", point out the bishops, who point out that the Catholic Church " already began in 2002 a long process of updating its protocols and its code of law, especially in matters of prescription of these crimes and the prevention of abuses in the present and in the future ", measures that, they assure," now incorporate the legislation Spanish". They say nothing of the absence of official data, or of an investigation into abuses among the Spanish clergy, much less of the episcopal refusal to compensate survivors of abuse.

"As part of its mission, the Church is firmly committed to the comprehensive promotion of minors and develops thousands of initiatives each year that seek to train them in such relevant values ​​as solidarity, respect for difference, service to the common good or the caring for the environment according to the principles of Christian humanism, "says the episcopal writing, which concludes by underlining that this work" cannot be clouded either by the actions of some of its members who are unworthy of that work or by the views of politicians who Prisoners of stale anti-clericalism, they use the Church for political confrontation. "

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