October 30, 2020

Bishop Báez compares Nicaragua with Christ and assures that "he will be resurrected"

Bishop Báez compares Nicaragua with Christ and assures that "he will be resurrected"

The auxiliary bishop of the Archdiocese of Managua, Silvio Báez, compared his native Nicaragua with Christ on Sunday, due to the crisis he is going through, and affirmed that the country will "resurrect".

"A crucified people always resuscitates, I only ask you, do not let anyone take away your hope, Nicaragua has to be resurrected as the crucified of Calvary was resurrected," said Báez, in a mass officiated in the outskirts of Managua, only four days after announce your departure to the Vatican.

At the Mass, the bishop compared the corruption, lack of justice and greed of the powerful of the time of Jesus, with the government of President Daniel Ortega, to which national and international human rights defenders blame the death of hundreds of people. opponents in the last 12 months.

Báez had words for those who reject the Ortega government.

To the first he asked them to "take their faith in Christ intimately, deeply, with all the seriousness that exists," and he called on them to maintain their manifestations in the way they have done so far, "without ever being carried away by the violence".

He also urged them not to let "sadness never darken their hearts," and to "not negotiate the freedom or dignity of the human being, without ambition or idolatry of anything or anyone."

According to the bishop, Nicaragua "will be resurrected one day to be a society based on justice from which real peace springs, in which it is not a crime to think differently, in which we can all put our ideas and our material goods beyond selfishness at the service of all. "

The message caused excitement in the audience, who interrupted his words with ovations.

Báez, a well-known critic of Ortega who in 2018 was the object of a plot to assassinate him, must leave Nicaragua after Easter to work in the Vatican with Pope Francis.

The crisis in Nicaragua since April 2018 has left 325 dead, according to the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights (CIDH). Local organizations raise 568 fatalities. The Executive recognizes 199.

In addition, there are between 779 and 809 "political prisoners", almost twice the number recognized by the government, which identifies them as "terrorists", "coup" or "common criminals".

The IACHR has held the Government of Nicaragua responsible for crimes against humanity.

The Organization of American States (OAS) is in the process of implementing the Inter-American Democratic Charter, by breaking the constitutional order, which if executed would suspend Nicaragua from the continental body.


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