August 3, 2020

Bishop Argüello says that the Church reacts intensely to pedophilia

The auxiliary bishop of Valladolid and secretary general of the Spanish Episcopal Confederation, Luis Argüello, has pointed out that the Catholic Church is reacting worldwide “very intensely” to cases of pedophilia within it, although he added that, “without a doubt , more can be done. “

In an economic forum organized on Tuesday by El Norte de Castilla, Argüello has cited among the measures taken by the Church to address cases of child abuse, established action protocols, training care and the proposal to accompany the victims.

Asked by an assistant to this forum about the case in Valladolid with the chaplain of the church of Our Lady of Sorrows, denounced for sending a video of sexual content to a minor, the prelate has branded both that and all that occurred in the world as “singularly painful.”

Although he has indicated that one of the Church’s reasons for being is that it is a community of sinners where redemption is offered, he has rejected that this principle can generate indifference within Catholicism in these situations.

Regarding the particular case of Valladolid, he has assured that “they respect the judicial process”, so that the internal measures they take with the pastor will depend on what is ruled in the court, to make the ecclesial assessment “from the proven facts.”


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