January 28, 2021

Bisbal: “I had not imagined music as a profession” | Culture

He went live on stage at the Luchana Theaters in Madrid to release the song. David Bisbal first performed live In your plans, single that gives title to his latest album. The readers of EL PAÍS chanted the theme with him, released a couple of weeks ago. “I dreamed that the first time I sang it, people could accompany me in the chorus and that’s how it has been; so, I thank you in the soul and in the heart, ”confessed the singer. Interviewed by Cadena Ser journalist Laura Piñero, the artist chatted at this meeting – framed within the program EL PAÍS +– about its beginnings, its passage through Operation Triunfo and its present work.

It has been almost 20 years Bisbal in music with a lot of “discipline,” he said, but above all “illusion.” It started with 18 years, when I worked in a nursery. He did internships to study a professional forestry training. There he continuously sang to his teammates and it was they who encouraged him to take a test for the Expresiones group. “I will always thank the orchestra in the soul for the tables that I was taking,” said the singer, who after four years of touring with them entered the television program Triumph operation.

The explosion of popularity and also work that lived then was more overwhelming than I had thought. In full swing of popularity he traveled to Miami, with producer Kike Santander, to record record. From that city, he began a career in Latin America, where he was not yet known, which he considers key to “give credibility” to his career and create a more natural trajectory than the one that the contest propitiated.

Bisbal sings for readers of EL PAÍS at Luchana Theaters.

Bisbal sings for readers of EL PAÍS at Luchana Theaters.

Since that first Ave Maria (2002), who also interpreted in the encounter with the readers of EL PAÍS, has gone through “seas and deserts” until consolidating itself as an international artist with three Latin Grammy awards. To a question of the assistants, he affirmed that, in spite of having lived very complicated moments, never thought to throw the towel. “It is important that people know that, in any field, any dream you have to work it,” said Bisbal on a couple of occasions to demystify the image of instant success.

He assumes his work as a sport, in which the most important thing is to study and practice. Therefore, he continues to “explore” the corners of his voice, as perceived in In your plans, an album he has made “to please everyone”. And it is that he has listened to his followers in social networks to compose some themes that will satisfy his demands.

For this he has also surrounded himself with good professionals, such as Alejandro Fernández, with the sings I will open the door, or his friends Vega and Antonio Orozco. The first one has written the subject You will know, dedicated to the love that Bisbal’s eldest daughter has the youngest. He thanked the composer and music for creating such a special theme and praised his “scanner” to understand the feelings of others and turn them into a song. Orozco called him to Love I loved a melody that emerged in the shower and needed the “special pen” of his partner in the program La Voz Senior. Bisbal also underlined how throughout his career he has been embraced by other artists and today he goes to them to enrich his experience and continue training as a professional.


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