Binter plans to expand flights between Pamplona and the Canary Islands if the route has "good response" - La Provincia

The airlineBinter, which on Sunday October 27 begins with flights betweenPamplona and the Canary Islands, foreseesexpand frequencieson this new route, initially planned on Fridays and Sundays, if you have"good answer", as has been done on other national flights.

"Last year we inaugurated two national routes,Palma de Mallorca and Vigo,and they had a good response, which led us to go from two weekly frequencies to five. The idea is to continue along the same lines if we have a positive response on the Pamplona route, which we are convinced is ", said the Commercial and Marketing Director of Binter,Miguel Angel Suarez.

The head of Binter held a meeting in Pamplona on Tuesday with the director general oftourism, Commerce and Consumption of the Government of Navarra,Maitena Ezkutari,and the general director of Sodena,Pilar Irigoien,days before the first plane arrives in Navarra.

The Commercial Director of Binter has stressed that the Foral Community is a destination"very attractive", since "it offers practically everything that a canary could demand, good gastronomy, culture, health or the possibility of doing the Camino de Santiago". "It has everything," said Suarez, to explain that studies conducted by the company have shown that "there was direct flight potential here."

In his opinion, with the possibility of traveling from the Canary Islands to Pamplona intwo hours and half"We are putting all the meat on the grill so that any canary has no excuse to come and spend a weekend to enjoy a region like this that is a luxury."

In this regard, the representative of the Canary airline has detailed that, as theSale of ticketsto date, "it is distributed at 50%, half are Canaries who come here and the other half Navarre who are going to the Canary Islands."
In his opinion, probably the first year "high occupancy rates are not reached," but he stressed that the airline is looking for "sustained growth." "And we are convinced that we are going to do it, at least it is the 'feeling' that we are having with the first months of selling the route and the response it is having both here and in the Canary Islands," he added.

A new market for tourism

For its part, the general director of Tourism, Commerce and Consumption, Maitena Ezkutari, stressed that the launch of this flight "will be very interesting" for Navarre, but also for theGeneral Directorate of Tourism, since "we open another line of work with a new market, such as the Canary Islands".

As he said, there are "some perspectivesvery interesting"For this reason, we are working from Tourism in a specific promotion line, a communication plan in the Canary Islands to" position the destiny of Navarra ".

In this sense, Ezkutari has commented that the Canarian visitors "are not too habitual" in the Regional Community and explained that for example the number of people from the Canary Islands who visited Navarra last year is about3,500, "a tiny number".

However, it has affected that it is an audience that has "a lot of potential if we offer them the attractions we have, both the cultural part and theSantiago's roadlike the protagonist, or gastronomy, nature, rural tourism, snow this season or weekend getaways. "

In addition, he stressed that from the General Directorate of Tourism it is also believed that thanks to this connection, thehealth tourism, the training or the congress, which is about to "experience."

Specifically, the Binter company flights will link the Navarre capital with Gran Canaria twice a week. They will take off from Pamplona onFriday at 1:10 p.m.arriving at the island at 3.20 p.m., andSunday, at 14.50and will land at 5pm.

As detailed by Miguel Ángel Suárez, initially the operation is established with the airport of Gran Canaria, but there will befree connectionsWith the rest of the islands. "We did that last year with the other routes and we will keep it, it is essential because we expand the potential customer market for Navarra and the opposite, we offer Navarra any island," he said.

He explained, in addition, that if the route evolves in a positive way and the frequencies are extended, "normally those frequencies are usually established with the other airport where we have a hub, which is Tenerife North".


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