Binter: 100% Canarian company since 2002

Binter is key in connectivity between the islands and abroad. / c7

Twenty years have passed since the acquisition of Binter by a group of Canarian investors from Iberia. An operation that required several attempts to convert the airline into a 100% Canarian company

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In 2002 Binter Canarias, which was already a private company because its owner, Iberia LAE, already was, had a
fleet of twelve ATR aircraft with an average age of 8.5 years.

The previous year he had
46,945 flights and transported 2,200,000 passengers. His operations were limited to the Canary archipelago and a few flights to Madeira. Although it had its own brand, all the commercial management of the only airline dedicated to connecting the islands by air was carried out by Iberia, as well as the

In these circumstances, a group of Canarian investors decided to bet on acquiring the airline from the air group and giving it a new focus, focused on passenger service and
ensure the connectivity that is so necessary for the Canary Islands.

Twenty years later, the reality of Binter is very different. The Binter System is made up of
fifteen companies which, working under the umbrella of the Binter brand, cover the entire air transport value chain, from marketing and customer service, to aircraft maintenance or the manufacture and design of aeronautical components. From flight operations, to airport activities, through administrative services, direct attention to passengers, the production and design of technological solutions or the education, training and qualification of people.

Juan Carlos Alonso

Now the Canarian airline operates
twenty-four state-of-the-art ATR aircraft and five Embraer E195-E2 jetswith the performs
75,272 flights67,004 of them inter-island.
Fly to 32 destinations outside the Canary archipelago, of which thirteen are national, ten African and nine European. Of all of them, four are located on other islands of Macaronesia. It operates in the eight airports in the Canary Islands, with two main bases in Gran Canaria and Tenerife North and aircraft based in Tenerife South, Lanzarote, Fuerteventura and La Palma.

All this is possible thanks to the
more than 1,700 workers who carry out their tasks every day with the aim that passengers receive the best possible service.

Binter celebrates twenty years, satisfied with the achievements made and with the same ambition to continue improving as in its beginnings.

Juan Carlos Alonso

The company continues with its head and heart set on breaking down the physical barrier that separates the islands, offering more flights, more seats, better schedules, better planes and greater punctuality and regularity.

On April 17, Binter broke its record for passengers transported in a single day and on July 13, it exceeded 75 million passengers transported.

The airline faces the challenges associated with sustainability
improving practices and procedures and investing in assets whose exploitation generates a smaller environmental footprint, to grow sustainably.

Juan Carlos Alonso

In addition, it invests in training, not only for the people who make up Binter, but also by launching initiatives that allow young people from the Canary Islands to qualify in the professions demanded by the air transport industry.

As for his future plans, his desire is to continue expanding, reaching new national, European and African destinations, to better connect the Canary Islands with the outside world, while meeting the needs of the inter-island market, expanding flights, routes, schedules and services.

And lastly and most importantly, every day it continues to open the airports of the islands with its head and heart set on fulfilling its mission, to be the airline of the Canary Islands,
the airline of all the canaries and canaries.


  • On March 26, 1989, Binter operations began in the Archipelago.

  • In 2002 it is acquired by a group of Canarian investors.

  • In 2005 the international expansion began, making it possible for Canarians to arrive directly, without stopovers and without inconvenience, to points as important as Marrakech, El Aaiún or Madeira.

  • In 2012 the airline managed to acquire one of the largest fleets of ATR aircraft in Europe, unique in the Canary Islands, reaching up to 18 aircraft. This year, it relaunches its internationalization and reaches Agadir, Casablanca, Cape Verde and Lisbon.

  • In 2015, it undertakes a new renewal of the fleet, with the acquisition of new aircraft, model ATR 72 600.

  • In 2018, Binter takes a new leap in its business model by starting to fly to domestic destinations on a regular basis. In addition, it begins to operate the inter-island routes of the Portuguese archipelago of Madeira.

  • In 2019, coinciding with its 30th anniversary, it increases national connections, receives the first of the five E195-E2 jet aircraft, acquired from the manufacturer Embraer, and renews the uniforms of the companies in the system that have direct contact with customers.

  • In 2021 it begins to operate with France and Italy.

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