Billionaire Tom Steyer withdraws from the Democratic presidential race

The American billionaire and philanthropist Tom Steyer announced this Saturday his retirement from the Democratic presidential race in the United States, after being third in the South Carolina primary, where he hoped to take off his dying campaign.

“Our result has disappointed us … I said that if I didn’t see a viable way to win, I would suspend my campaign, and I honestly can’t see a way,” Steyer said during a rally in Columbia (South Carolina).

Steyer, 62, had not achieved any delegates in the first three primary schools and had bet everything on a solid result in South Carolina, where he had more support among the African-American population.

But projections in that state suggest that no delegates will be taken in that territory, where former Vice President Joe Biden achieved a resounding victory, followed by Senator Bernie Sanders.

The billionaire, who became rich as an investment fund manager and later became an activist against the climate crisis, spent more than $ 150 million on television commercials across the country.

Before appearing to the Democratic primary, Steyer jumped into the national arena with a powerful television campaign to request a political trial from US President Donald Trump, who asked to submit to that process even before the case of Ukraine came to light .

Steyer also paid special attention to the issues that affected Latinos during his campaign, and as of 2017 he invested millions of dollars from his pocket in giving legal help to migrants facing deportation.

“Donald Trump commits crimes against humanity” on the Mexican border, Steyer said in an interview with Efe on February 20 in Las Vegas (Nevada).

Steyer’s withdrawal still leaves a very large bank of Democratic candidates, with seven candidates to face Trump in November: Biden, Sanders, Senators Elizabeth Warren and Amy Klobuchar; former mayor Pete Buttigieg; billionaire Mike Bloomberg and Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard.


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