Billie Eilish, pop diva and icon of the ‘generation Z’ | Culture

Eilish arrives in Spain as a stranger to the general adult audience, but as a supernova with clear eyes and a challenging look for many teenagers and a good handful of music lovers. Since in 2015 - at the age of 13 - he became known with the song Ocean eyes, Their figures have been chilling. Before his first and only album was released last March, When We All Fall Asleep, Where Do We Go ?, His songs already had more than 1 billion views on Spotify. In this way, she was the first artist born in the 21st century to reach number 1 on Billboard's list of successes.

She, who recognizes that a disc has never been bought, moves in the habitat that belongs to her: digital platforms. With its more than 36 million followers on Instagram, it is the great pop icon of the Z generation, postmillennials educated in the current century. Adolescents who have grown in full economic recession, under the threat of terrorism and climate change. His vision of the world is very different from that of his predecessors. Soft and gloomy voice performer who plays the piano and ukulele, knows how to connect with teenage anguish. Some compare her for her suggestive style with Lorde, but her sad pop offers a sample of deeper confessions of a girl today locked in her room.

In a recent interview in EL PAÍS, the movie guru indie Jim Jarmusch, said: “Billie Eilish is a true pop star. His lyrics are impressive, they come to me as artists of my generation don't. ” Jarmusch, friend of Iggy Pop and Tom Waits, It is one of many that in the United States has fallen fascinated by it. Born only three months after the 9/11 attacks, Elish tracks the emotional breakdowns of a generation that was born with inherited traumas, surrounded by enemies in a paranoid society such as that of the Cold War, but where smart mobiles and Social networks feed the vital anxiety of newcomers. So with your look Androgynous, parallels can be seen with Rue Bennett, protagonist played by Zendaya, former Disney children's star, in Euphoria, recent and successful HBO series on the concerns of American teenagers.

Her tremendous precocity brings to mind prodigy girls like Taylor Swift or Christina Aguilera, but her presence is uncomfortable for monolithic and politically correct thinking. Eilish The face of pop has changed in less than a year. Hidden under her hoodie, basketball shorts, sneakers and with colored hair, the singer breaks with the stereotype of pop diva. In fact, he wears large sizes so as not to show his exact figure, whether thin or fat, if stylized or irregular. With everything and thanks to its huge success, the brands have launched for it, but they still resonate their doors to Louis Vuitton, Calvin Klein or Stella McCartney.

Unlike traditional pop stars, Eilish, affected by Tourette syndrome — neurological disorder that manifests with tics engines and speech—, it shows as it is, without makeup. Just smile in the pictures. It could be said that it flaunts its defects. The first sound in his album is a kind of salivary sip at the moment in which his transparent dental device is used to straighten his teeth. “Take off my Invisalign. This is the album, ”he says in the first sentence of the album with laughter, accompanied by his brother Finneas, producer of the work and co-author of the songs.

Eilish has a studied and powerful aesthetic which, seasoned with touches like out of a horror film, leaves in a simple passing joke the shaved head of Britney Spears. In his music videos, he bleeds the basins of his eyes with black liquid, lets a tarantula crawl on his face or is battered and stabbed with needles, invoking artists of strong emotions like Nine Inch Nails and Marilyn Manson. The new icon of world pop apologizes for what he sings in one of his most famous songs when he states that "all good girls go to hell." She already reigns in the sky of evil.


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