March 8, 2021

Bill Gates sends a package of 36 kilos full of gifts to his invisible friend

The founder of Microsoft, Bill Gates, has participated again this Christmas in the invisible friend of the Reddit internet portal and has sent a 36 kilos package full of gifts to Shelby, a woman from Michigan, in addition to a donation to the American Association of the Heart in memory of his mother.

Gates has been participating in RedditGifts for five consecutive years, which organizes online gift exchanges between strangers, and ensures that he always tries to make them “as personal as possible”.

To participate, each person must fill out their profile with their tastes and interests, as well as personal information to facilitate that their invisible friend has as much information as possible and agrees with the gift.

This year, Shelby has received a package “that did not fit in the car” and that contained, among other presents, a dozen books, packages of cookies and sweets, puzzles, memorabilia from Twin Peaks and Zelda or two sets of Lego with Harry Potter and Star Wars theme.

In the note that Bill Gates has sent to Shelby along with the huge package, the tycoon tells him that he expects the gifts to make him “smile” during Christmas.

“I have included some fun things for you to enjoy both at home and outdoors, as well as a couple of books that I think you will like,” writes Gates, adding that he knows that “no gift can compensate for the loss of such an important person to you”.

“I am very sorry about your mother. I have made a donation to the American Heart Association in her memory,” concludes Gates.

Speaking to Marketwatch, Shelby commented that he has been participating in RedditGifts for a long time and that he had always fantasized about how great it would be for Gates to be his invisible friend because among this internet community it is known that the founder of Microsoft usually participates.

“But I never expected this to happen to me,” he concluded.


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