Bildu says that Vox and Cs come to "provoke" Euskadi and believes that the Ertzaintza has an "ultra sector" in its midst

Bildu says that Vox and Cs come to "provoke" Euskadi and believes that the Ertzaintza has an "ultra sector" in its midst

In an interview with Onda Vasca, collected by Europa Press, Iñarritu referred to the incidents and protests that took place this weekend in San Sebastián, Bilbao and Errenteria on the occasion of the political meetings of Vox and Cs.

In reference to the act developed by Cs in Errenteria, Iñarritu has indicated that "before the provocation they tried", the mayor of EH Bildu, Julen Mendoza, made an appeal to "not give the photo they were looking for", but "there were people who protested "

"The protests against these provocations are legitimate but the really smart thing is not to give what these groups are looking for coming to Euskal Herria, where they know they will not get any representative, but in order to give an image to the rest of the State they come to provoke" , has denounced.

In his view, the "smart" in these cases is not to fall into "provocations", so that "without criminalizing the civic and peaceful protest against ultra parties that will cause, it is smarter not to give that image they seek " However, he has argued that "based on the right to freedom of expression, everyone is very free to say what they think and exercise their right to protest."

"We have seen different types of reactions to the actions of the rights of the right wing of Madrid, we have seen signs placed, we have also seen legitimate protests and unfortunately we have also seen images that bring us back to the past with confrontation and disturbances that they seek from the authoritarian triad of the righties" , has accused.


He also reported that a woman who sat on Saturday "peacefully" in Bilbao for the presence of Vox was shot by "a projectile of the Ertzaintza that has caused a broken jaw."

"It is intolerable that this happens again, that it shoots at the head of a young woman who was demonstrating a 'foam' projectile and I ask the Basque Government to clarify these facts, the disturbances were lamentable but the really serious thing is that it has been another misfortune like the one that occurred with Iñigo Cabacas, "he said.

In this regard, he warned that "although it is true that there are more or less radical sectors in all political fields, there is also an ultra sector within the Ertzaintza and with this I do not say that the Ertzaintza or the majority of its members be ".

For this reason, it has considered that it should "separate those who have acted in an unacceptable manner", as it is "that agent who shot directly at a young woman who was demonstrating".

Finally, and questioned by the words of the president of the EBV of the PNV, Andoni Ortuzar, who spoke on Sunday of "nationalist and ultra-nationalists", Iñarritu has described it as a "false dilemma" that supposes "banalizing fascism and the extreme right" .


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